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Methadrone is the creation New Jersey’s Craig Pillard. It is ambient and a a constant experiment in a very un-traditional approach to music. The musical moods created can be bleak, beautiful and dramatic all at the same time. One of the better ambient projects currently circulating the underground at the moment. Here is a interview with Craig.

1. Salut Craig! How are You? I’m really glad that we have another chance to talk, cause as we know You have something to show us for this time.
C.P.: Thanks Aleks, it is great to talk again with you… Yes I have a new 11-song full length CD ‘Better Living (through chemistry)’ that is completed and is scheduled for September 15th release on Consoling Sounds (Belgium). Pre-orders for this release starts August 1st.

2. We’ve discussed “Sterility” with You last time, and now I would like to ask You about results which You have achieved with this release: were both Methadrone’s listeners and critics understood it after “Retrogression”?
C.P.: Yes all the reviews for ‘Sterility’ where extremely positive and they all seemed to agree that it was a natural progression from ‘Retrogression’ expanding in further experimentation in sound and execution.

3. Was it hard for You to change Methadrone’s sound from crushing electric one (“Retrogression”) to deep semi acoustic one (“Sterility”)? May You say that it was just the process of spiritual development?
C.P.: It was a natural progression for me and not a hard transformation.. To have every release sound the same would be pointless.. I like to keep my sound options open for experimentation.. I don’t think it was a spiritual development, but more of a development through self expression and honesty.

4. Craig, You played in a lot of death-metal bands and one doom-band (Evoken), would You like to play death-metal once again? Or are You experienced and adult for it nowadays?
C.P.: I will always look at my musical past as a stone of passionate expression and I’m satisfied with the outcomes of my metal past… It is now time to move to the next stone and further Methadrone’s sound of constant struggle… I am planning a WOMB (my old doom band) local re-union show this October and may record a Womb full length that should have been done years ago.. So some new sludgy 2-Bass execution is still in the future plans.

5. Heh, or was it just result of Your collaboration with David Galas of Lycia? 🙂 He was appearing during record session of “Sterility” and now his companion, Tara Vanflower, helps You with one song onto Your new LP “Better Living (through chemistry)”. Can we suppose that this “lycian” mafia holds it’s hands upon Methadrone? ))
C.P.: I have always been a longtime fan of Lycia. It was by chancet hat David and Tara expressed interest in working with me at different times. I am still utterly blown away at their contributions and am eternally gratefull for their interest, time, and support that they have given.. With the internet, it made it possible to collaborate with them from long distance.

6. You invited few guest-musicians and vocalists once again, who are they? And why have You welcomed them? And where is mister Galas?
C.P.: Thierry Arnal (Fragment) from France sang on the majority of the ‘Better Living..’ CD and he did an amazing job.. He also did the artwork/layout of the CD as well as the lyrics on 4-songs.. Thierry’s voice melded perfectly on this CD since it was an experimentation in further sound for Methadrone.. David Galas had been working on his 2-nd solo CD at the time of this recording so his time was limited.. I did not want to ask him again for further collaborations.. David’s work on ‘Sterility’ was absolutely amazing and was perfect for ‘Sterility’.. Now Thierry’s voice was perfect for ‘Better Living..’

7. What does the album’s title mean for You considering band’s name… I’ve seen documentary film about methamphetamine not so long ago – horrible shit as it seems.
C.P.: The title ‘Better Living (through chemistry)’ is a sarcastic portrayal of the chemically addicted and has nothing to do with methamphetamine (speed) but the opposite, opiates or synthetic opiates (methadone).. As horrible as speed is, opiates is just as bad or worse even and is honestly expressed throughout (my personal strife) and the history of Methadrone.

8. Is “Better Living…” closer to “Sterility” or does Your new material sounds like Your old one, like “Retrogression” for example?
C.P.: ‘Better Living..’ is in a class of its own, like every Methadrone release.. they all stand apart.. You can not compare releases since they are snapshots in time and are expressions of what I was going through at the times of recording.

9. What’s about “a free 2 unreleased song CDr” which will be able with the pre-ordered “Better Living…”? Tell us about this action.
C.P.: Consoling Sounds thought it would be a good idea to offer a free 2-song CDr with the pre-order of ‘Better Living..’ in August which I think is a great idea and it gives people access to bonus Meth material as well as an incentive to purchase ‘Better Living..’ before its September 15th release date.

10. Why have You decided to release Your new LP through Belgian label? And it’s not Foreshadow records, why?
C.P.: I like what Consoling Sounds stands for.. constant experimentation and sound freedom.. Mig from Consoling has always been a supporter of Methadrone since the beginning with the first CDr release of Methadrone ‘Erroneous Enlightenment’ on his old label Nothingness Records.. He and Mike expressed interest in releasing the new Methadrone on their new Consoling Sounds label.. and I think they are the best label for this release.. Foreshadow was a good label for ‘Sterility’ and I like the fact that I am not bound by contract for several releases on one label.

11. Craig, it was strange to know about Methadrone’s “Forgotten Failures” – You know…. Cassettes… Now… It seems to be very strange.
C.P.: Since ‘Forgotten Failures’ was old forgotten recently found Methadrone material, I thought it was a good idea to do a limited cassette pressing of that material on my friends label (Audial Decimation) from Chicago… To have it released on CD would not make sense to me because the fact that it is old Meth material and the sound has developed since then.

12. What is about split-CD “Astray” of Methadrone and Fragment? Who are Fragments and where we can find this release?
C.P.: ‘Astray’ is a split recording between Methadrone and Thierry’s project Fragment.. It was originally supposed to be released last year on a different label, but was delayed too long.. so we decided to have it released limited on Locust Swarm Rex that is a new label from the ….UK…… This release will be out before you have this interview published.. I am looking forward to it very much… And this split will be offered as a package deal with the new ‘Better Living..’ CD through Consoling Sounds, link:

13. Have You found any replacement for Randy? You’ve told that such action could make possible Methadrone’s live shows.
C.P.: Since 2005 Methadrone has not played live, and at the moment I have no plans to do so.. Randi had helped with the live aspect of Methadrone only as the 2nd Bass player.. I have always been the soul writer for Methadrone, If I decide to play live again under Methadrone I will have to get a full band together which would take time.

14. Man, what’s about financial crisis in USA? Do You feel it in New Jersey?
C.P.: Yes, it is felt everywhere, and it is what America has dig itself into, with the decadent overspending of this country… it was just a matter of time for this to happen.

15. Well, maybe You know it… Nick Orlando was going to leave New Jersey last year – has he done it? Don’t You know?
C.P.: Yes, and I wish Nick the best, I am still good friends with all the guys in Evoken.

16. “Sterility” is the one of 10 CDs which I’ve left for myself after total purge of my CD-storage last summer :-). How many music albums do You need to satisfy Your musical hunger?
C.P.: I listen to a wide selection of CD’s from Industrial, to Ambient, to Neo-folk, to Doom, to 30’s 40’s singers, to Classical, to Classic rock, and I still listen to 80’s metal sometimes.

17. That’s all for this time. Thank You, Craig! My best wishes to You and Your family!
C.P.: Thank you Aleks, I appreciate the interview all the best to you. For further info/merch on Methardone go to Methadrone @ Myspace
Interview By Aleks Evdokimov


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