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Their bio described them as “Psychedelic Thrash Power Meets Super Cosmic Doom Groove” and that is a perfect description for The Engines Of Armageddon. Brothers Marty and Bill Fischer started the band back in 2005 with their first full length album surfacing just last year, that album received great reviews and showed the potential for even greater things for the future. The demo and press-kit they sent me which is one of the better press-kits i have ever received features “The Obelisk” demo which has 3 tracks which are proposed for album number two which is due out sometime soon i hope. The band has been compared to Mahavisnu Orchestra, High On Fire, Orange Goblin and everything in-between. This type of originality is not exactly common place these days among the Stoner Doom community, they put those eccentric influences to good use here. This demo / press kit also includes some other tracks including “Fuck The Chip” which was released as a single in 2009.

“Obelisk” kicks off with a thunderous doom groove before a rolling, twisting riff takes over. This is very Progressive Rock in design, the bass lines are some of the most solid, unique grooves you will ever hear and the vocal arrangement is pure class. It could be compared to the likes of Mastodon and Baroness but those bands don’t have the dexterity that The Engines Of Armageddon have. Some of the bass/guitar lines are just jaw-dropping as is the arrangement which is so multi-directional you never know what is coming up next. “Imbibe The Toxin” has double-kick drums, complex stop-start pattens that would make Dream Theater sit up and take notice and they still find time to put in some killer riffage and wailing, screaming lead work. The pace varies from slow, thumping grooves to mid-tempo burning rhythms to faster still, headbanging sections. This is all done with the utmost, technical guitar runs and sonic dexterity while still retaining a intense level of heaviness. The other track from the 2010 Obelisk demo is “The Mysterious Case Of Wardenclyffe Tower” which is a orgy of shredding guitar riffing and mind-blowing million notes a second guitar solo’s. Did i mentioned the awesome bass work of Beamish, well once again he delivers a incredible performance on this track, showcasing his masterful use of bass guitar wizardry.

The blurring of genres exists on the other tracks in this press-kit too, “The Architects Of History” is a bone crunching exercise in Prog-Metal excesses and Stoner Metal craftsmanship while the 2009 single” Fuck The Chip” is just a shred-athon of Stoner meets Thrash Metal with fast pounding drums, buffing riffing, screaming guitar notes and yet its as catchy as hell. “Shock And Awe” is even more intense, there is more killer riffs in this one track than most bands can come up with for a entire album. The Engines Of Armageddon are enough to make your spin right off your shoulders, they deserve to be huge. If you are one of those Mastodon fan-boys who think they are the bees knees right now, you will want to re-think that one after hearing this band. This is life-changing, mind-blowing music you can listen to over and over again and discover something new with each spin. The eclectic style might be tough to get your head around at first as they bombard you with so many different elements, sometimes all at once but its one hell of a buzz listening to Engines Of Armageddon. Do you ears a favor and check them out, the next album is going to be something really special. 9.5/10

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Posted May 5, 2010 by doommantia in Engines Of Armageddon

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