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Kings Destroy from Brooklyn are made up of members from Killing Time,Uppercut and Electric Frankenstein and having a NYHC background shows through in small pieces on the 7″ 2 tracker but their main influences of Yob, The Melvins, Cro-Mags, and Black Sabbath show through even more making this a Doom release with a hardcore twist. The two tracks on here only account for around 9 minutes but its a good, pretty straight-forward dose of Stoner meets Doom Rock that is a cross between Maryland Doom of the 90’s meets the UK Stoner Doom of sounds of bands like Electric Wizard.

The first of the two tracks is “Old Yeller” and its the stronger of the two tracks but only just. Its pretty standard Doom for the most part but both the vocals which has a 70’s Ozzy Osbourne vibe about and the twin guitar work has a definite Tony Iommi feel about it. It starts off with a churning, slogging Doom riff that is predictable but still really effective but the song really takes off into the cosmos halfway through when the song shifts into a chugging Sabbath-induced riff-fest. Sounding very much like “Children of the Grave”, there is a little bit of riff recycling going on but with a riff this good, why the the hell not? The other tune “Medusa” kicks off with a bass line straight out of the Geezer Butler handbook before heading off into the realm of Electric Wizard type Stoner Rock grooves. They don’t leave their hardcore roots behind either as both tracks have sections where vocalist Steve Murphy adds a touch of hardcore aggression to his vocals.

In conclusion, at only 9 minutes of music it is hard to fully judge the band, a full length album would give me a better indication of where the band is heading. Having said that its a enjoyable 9 minutes which show Kings Destroy have just enough of their own sound to set them apart from the endless Doom Metal explosion of bands that has been swamping the scene for the last couple of years. I will be keeping a close eye on this band, you should too. 8/10


Posted May 7, 2010 by doommantia in Kings Destroy

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