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After Therapy is a band put together by vocalist “Screaming Mad” Dee Calhoun and guitarist Charlie Johnston who started out in a Black Sabbath tribute band called “After Forever”. After years of developing their musical skills and chops, it became obvious that could quite easily put together their own original band and write their own songs and that is exactly what they did. The time they have spent playing Sabbath tunes rubbed off on them because this which is the first full length album still has its fair share of Sabbathism’s but also with a blend of various other styles of Metal which gives them a all-round solid metal sound. Along with the influences of Sabbath, they have the classic traditional metal crunch of Judas Priest, the Stoner Rock grooves of Down, some guttural Death Metal but they also incorporate a good dose of Doom Metal into the mix but without really sounding like any other Doom band around. This combination of sounds and influences gives the band a strength and quality that is not too common these days within the world of Heavy Metal.

The opening track, “Bite” is a classic example of how to blend genres without sounding confused or disjointed. The opening riff is pure down-tuned Doom Metal that is thicker than mud but once the song gets into motion, it reeks of classic Heavy Metal of the Judas Priest variety while keeping the heaviness of a ballsy Doom Metal band. The Judas Priest reference is mainly evident in the vocals which have the classic vocal range of legendary front man from the past. What is unique about After Therapy is they somehow manage mix the old styles of metal with more modern sounding elements without getting stuck in either style. Songs like “Lifeless Hole” and “I Endure” have a classic metal crunch of the pure old-school headbanging kind. Both tracks feature some ball-breaking vocals from Calhoun that go from the deep, bellowing to the high-pitched wailing that is a stand-out feature of “I Endure”. The guitar work is exceptional in its classic approach, Charlie Johnston has the a Iommi, Page meets Glenn Tipton type of quality about it but he is not shy at ripping out the occasional heavy Doom riff either.

“Bloody Valentine” is one of the killer tracks on the disc, a 8 minute, slow-building epic that builds in intensity at every turn. Even the vocals are constantly climbing the mountain of vocal gymnastics, the last couple of minutes of the tune reach majestic heights of Heavy Metal craftsmanship and technique. “Eight Years (prison)” is a solid, chunky, serious Metal workout that cruises along perfectly with the weighty rhythm section. Not what you could call original but beautifully executed and played with precision and class. The wide spectrum of influences really shines in a song like “Karen”, that has atmospheric acoustically driven sections to thunderous riffing passages and back again to the acoustic before it launches into a chugging kick ass dose of pure metal. The guitar solo’s are not a huge feature on the album but when they do make a appearance, they are very solid.

“Catrina Meets The Dealer” which closes “Torn With The Teeth” features more solid riffing, wailing vocals and pounding rhythms plus a twisting, gnarling guitar solo. Like i have already previously mentioned, After Therapy are not re-inventing anything but they dish up a 100% solid Metal album from start to finish that will most likely please the more old-school Heavy Metal fan. The whole experience is enhanced by great, full-bodied production but the best thing about it is the class in which every song is executed. Traditional Heavy Metal was invented to be played just with this amount of passion and skill and After Therapy deliver on both counts. Doom/Stoner rock fans who still like to hear strong melodies from time to time will get some enjoyment out of this disc as well as they supply some heavy-duty thick riffage on most of the tunes on here. In conclusion, this is about as solid as you will get these days in the world Of Heavy Metal releases, not original or ground-breaking but extremely kick-ass. I think you can pretty much sample the entire album on their Myspace page so go check it out, i have a feeling most of you will dig After Therapy. 9/10


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  1. wow! great band, liked it!!

  2. Classic Metal all the way !

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