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Echos Of Infiniti from Olympia, Washington comes from the musical visions of Chris Johnson who uses a drummer to back himself up on this 2 track live recording. The musical sound-scapes are very ambient, experimental, droning and extremely doom packed excursions in sonic, atmospheric noise rock. There was a CDR release called “Black Rainbow” last year which is still available from the Myspace page and the band has appeared on the Droning Earth Volume 34 compilation. This review is based on a 2 track recording created on March the third this year, recorded totally live. Both tracks are un-named but one listen to the first 30 minute slab of sub-sonic improvisational drone will tell you, song titles are irrelevant here. This piece runs the gamut from ambient, floating guitar noise to extreme waves of apocalyptic noises that pulsate and at time mutate into some kind of wounded beast. I say wounded because the sound at times remind of a wounded animal letting out its final moaning, tortured breath.

At times the bellowing, churning chaotic guitar sound reeks havoc with the senses, cascading waves of crashing noise back up by equally crashing drums creates a hellish, frightening wall of sound. The music is improvisational in nature and it would be real hard to do a repeat performance of this, the spontaneous approach seems to flow extremely well however and could almost be considered a pre-conceived piece of music if you didn’t know any better. On the Echos Of Infiniti Myspace page, it lists their main influence as being electricity and that is just about right. The band is in the unique position of not really sounding like or copying anyone which is rare in a musical genre that is so limited. There is nothing pretty or melancholic about this, this is a harsh, scary kind of drone based around pushing the amplified sounds to its ultimate threshold and so therefore will most likely only appeal to the hardcore element of the Doom / Drone community.

The other track on here is only 15 minutes so it is a little easier to take it in all at once. Even though its strictly a droning approach to the guitar work, this track opens with a melody line that is ugly and i mean that in a good way. There is a kind of appalling beauty to the sounds created here, it evokes images of destruction, sadness and despair. There is great use of distortion, guitar squeals, machine like sounds and even a plane diving effect similar to what Hendrix perfected in the 60’s but here its given that extra push off the edge of the cliff. Needless to say you either love this music or you don’t and if you are in the middle, all i can say is get out! I think this recording is only being distributed by request only so i am assuming messaging the Myspace page would be the best option to grab a copy of this. Not pretty at all but extremely captivating from the perspective of a Drone fan, this is something you might want to check out. 8/10


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  1. You can download/listen to this recording for free at

    I have other live recording posted there as well.

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