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“Yes, Jimmy Doom Metal can be boring”. Want proof then listen to Corr Mhóna’s “Corrguineacht”, i hate to say this but this is simply the most boring Doom related album i have heard in years. Musically this Irish band plays a boring type of Doom Metal to a even more boring, uninspired take on melodic Pagan /Black Metal and all the lyrics are sung in Gaelic and that is about the only interesting aspect of the entire recording. They sound like a cross between Solstice, Old Season and maybe a band like Sirocco but they have a long way to go in the area of songwriting. The vocals are one of the major flaws here, they are mundane to the extreme but i give them credit for choosing to sing in Gaelic, at least that is something. Its not my style to tear apart the band song by song so i wont but this is as dull and lifeless as the album artwork itself. Even the production is a disaster. Avoid. 1/10


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