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Days Without Hope is the sixth album by the Belgian one-person band Until Death Overtakes Me and the man behind this monolith of depressing sounds is Stijn van Cauter who plays Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Timpani, Electric Violin and also handles the vocals. The man’s previous work and current work load is incredible, Cold Aeon, Dance Nihil, Beyond Black Void, Fall of the Grey-Winged One, The Ethereal , In the Mist , Organium, Forbidden Fields, Dreams of Dying Stars, I Dream No More, Tear Your Soul Apart, Pantheist, The Sad Sun, Solicide, In Somnis, Wijlen Wij and there is even a couple of more bands he has taken part in at one time or another. He even has his own record label called Nulll Records. The band’s name is taken from the My Dying Bride song “Black God”. The music on this album was between 2001-2008 and was recorded over a space of a year starting in 2008. If you have never heard any of the man’s previous recordings (and there is 5 others including a split album with I Dream No More who i have never heard), its a depressing journey into the darkest, bleakest realms of Funeral, Ambient Doom that frankly have proven to be too dark for even most fans of the genre.

The album is the final part of the the Monolith concept which was started back in 2003 with a album called “Prelude To Monolith” although when listening to this album, its only the the instrumental opener “Cruel” which seems to have anything to do with the original concept. I am not even going to attempt analyzing every track on this album because the whole thing plays out as one continues piece of the darkest of dark music, the lowest of deep dirge music and simply put, it is a harrowing ordeal just to sit through the 73 minutes of this bleakness. At least it offers a little more variation in sounds than the last album, “Symphony III – Monolith” especially in the fifth track “Departure” that shows signs of that he was trying some experimenting with different sounds. “Departure” is the easiest track to sit through at only 7 minutes which is real short for this one man band. “They Never Hope”, “Careless, Painless, Far Away” and “This Dark Day” are all recorded versions of songs from the Symphony I and Symphony II albums and they sound much better here but if you can sit through the 19 minutes of “This Dark Day” without the feeling of bugs crawling over your skin, you must be a real avid fan of this genre.

“Until Death Overtakes Me” has been called the most depressing Funeral Doom ever created and this album wont change those feelings, this is about as dark and moody as anything you will ever hear in the genre of Funeral Doom. For the extreme dark music fan, this album will be a essential “must buy”, for everybody else it will seem boring and repetitive. I am sitting on the fence when it comes to this album, its too long and one-dimensional for me to sit through for 73 minutes but taken 2 or 3 tracks at a time, its a great piece of work. If you like your music to be all about sorrow and misery, then you will want to check this out but don’t expect your friends to hang around for long if you decide a slab of Funeral Doom is what they need to hear. You will need a wide attention span for this album and maybe some “happy pills” once its over, like i said good in small doses but overall its too much of the same thing with not enough musical ideas to keep me interested for more than 15 minutes at a time. Worth investigating though. 6/10

Until Death Overtakes Me
Until Death Overtakes Me @ Firebox Records
Stijn Van Cauter Interview


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  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

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