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This is the debut effort “Dreams Of A Cyclops” from Moscow based instrumental outfit EndName released on Raig Records which has a amazing array of high quality experimental, psychedelic space rock, and avant garde progressive rock. EndName are a little departure from those genres as they lean more towards the sludge / doom spectrum but still have some progressive elements that the label seems to specialize in. EndName and the capital “N” is not a typo by the way play a instrumental multi-dimensional, multi-layered assault of different metallic textures which is driven by some incredible guitar work from Dmitry Musatov and bassist Sergo Meshidze. They lay down some wild riffage at times which is accented with electronic sounds while remaining extremely heavy with a bleak atmosphere. So diverse is their musical canvas that pin-pointing influences is close to impossible and really irrelevant. This is a album that flows incredibly well, so much so that if you not paying attention, you could assume its just one single epic track. They also manage to avoid all the usual cliches found in usual instrumental metal bands by creating a wall of sound that is rich in diversity by adding elements like tribal percussion’s.

Not a single second is wasted on the disc from the opening track “Inception” to the closing “Dissociation”. “Inception” bends the braincells with precision and complexities that almost creates a whole new sub-genre in itself but i guess if there is math-metal then this is has to be math-doom. Switching between progressive elements and dirty doom riffage, this track is a wonderfully expansive track. Second track, “North” is doom metal mixed with symphonic, industrial noises, fine melodic touches, experimental guitar solo’s and a very strange keyboard sound towards the end of the track which is like if Yes suddenly became a doom metal band. Colorful and cinematic, “North” has so many different elements, it defies description. The 14 minute “Eclipse” takes the Pink Floydish space rock sound and gives it a healthy injection of sludge and doom metal. Featuring metallic riffing, killer hooks and droning sections, “Eclipse” proves to be the centerpiece of the disc and deservedly so. The ever changing guitar soundscapes which range from the countrified to the absolute, crushing doom always keeps you guessing. The track even takes the time out for some good old jamming in one section, talk about packing ideas in!!!

“Beyond The Scope” continues the indestructible riffing approach with a start/stop arrangement that verges on a sound that reminded me of early Helmet in parts. You will also have to check out the eerie, spacey guitar solo work in this tune. “Dissolution” opens up with delayed didgeridoo drones and synth’s before you are treated to some floating ambiance enhanced with backwards guitar passages which sounds like a “doomed out” take on King Crimson styled prog-rock. “Dissociation” closes the album with more gargantuan slabs of weighty sludge metal riffage, more eccentric arrangements, pulverizing drumming and to top it all off, some psychedelic cosmic synth work. The song ends with some heavy-duty thrash metal riffarama as a last minute musical assault on the senses. As a big fan of instrumental albums, this is one of the best i have heard from the doom / sludge side of the fence. Chugging and plodding in places but forever changing, “Dreams Of A Cyclops” is a hard album to ever get bored with. The irresistible, flawless way the songs flow make this a essential piece of work for the sludge / doom fan looking for something unique. It must also be noted, the great musicianship which is breath-taking at times and jaw-dropping at other times in its sonic intensity.

Fans of early Neurosis, Isis and Pelican will dig this as well will lovers of pure guitar riff indulgence, there is also something for the sludge and doom fan but if you are looking for something outside of the usual, this is for you. The sound and production is crisp but also not over-produced and this recording is loud so crank it up. Highly recommend this one. 9/10

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Posted June 2, 2010 by doommantia in EndName

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