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This is the second full length album from Italian Space Rock freaks Void Generator and while previous work has been interesting, this new album with the curious title of “Phantom Hell And Soar Angelic” is a masterpiece of cosmic Kraut Rock meets Psychedelic Space Rock. The band led by guitarist Gianmarco Iantaffi has been around for 15 years and is finally getting some much deserved praise and rightly so, this new disc is a thrilling escape into intersteller overdrive. The Pink Floyd reference i just made is more than just a accident, because along with the mighty Floyd sounds of the late 60’s, Void Generator also sound like a homage to 70’s Prog / Space Rock icons like Van Der Graaf Generator, Gong, Hawkwind, Amon Düül II and the more modern spacey sounds of early Monster Magnet. They also have a element of classic early Desert Rock sounds like Kyuss. This is a intense combination of influences that creates a smorgasbord of trippy sounds and this album is indeed a mind-blowing experience.

The album takes off into the heavens with a voice before bass and drums lock into Psychedelic groove, repetitive hypnotic riffing similar to Hawkwind’s finest work blends in with very old sounding analog synths and this is indeed a very vintage sounding disc. This opening epic is called “Message From The Galactic Federation” and if the first 10 minutes doesn’t put you in a state of hypnosis, the final 5 minute stretch will as it moves into a hypnotic jam section driven by Iantaffi stunning riffing. Only 15 minutes into the disc and you already get the feeling this is a lost relic from the 70’s, the vintage sound matched by organic production is irresistible to my ears anyway. The second track “The Morning” begins very mellow but quickly builds into intense levels of sonic old school heaviness while creating the vibe of a lost, dramatic movie score. Its very cinematic in design and Void Generator pulled off the concept with ease, the track finally winds down some 13 minutes later with a atmospheric keyboard outro.

The third installment is “The Eternaut” and is the most diverse track to these ears with various tempo changes and a clashing of styles and genres. With heavy, groovy bass lines and spacey, floating sounds along the lines of classic Pink Floyd, the track takes on many different twists and turns and never gets dull despite running for over 18 minutes. You have to pay attention to some very strong melody lines meshing together with seriously heavy hooks. The synthesizer work of Cristiano Lodi really shines on this track and they even insert a bit of jazz fusion into the arrangement making it a feast of different 70’s rock sub-genres. Three really long tracks into the disc and you will think its over, there is only 3 tracks listed on the rear artwork but wait a extra hidden track awaits and its a astounding 23 minutes of pulsating, orgasmic stoner jams. Somehow the whole track gels and never outstays its welcome, i wouldn’t mind it if it went for a hour, this is a killer slab of grooves, multi-dimensional guitar work and earthly keys.

Void Generator are a band of three vital elements, the early 70’s Space Rock vibes, the garage Acid Rock also of the early 70’s and more modern Prog-Metal moments, Porcupine Tree came to mind a couple of times while listening to this album for the first time. Blend all that with the Stoner / Desert Rock jamming attitude of Kyuss and early Monster Magnet and you get the picture. Despite the extended running times of the songs, there is also a lot of catchy, infectious riffing from Gianmarco Iantaffi that keep you grooving along the way. It wont be for everyone but those more open-minded Psychedelic riff rockers out there will surely dig most if not all of this album. The only downside is the vocals but there is not much of them anyway, its mostly a instrumental freak out that lasts for a good hour or so. The production is beautiful in its authentic 70’s feel and the vintage sounds are just timeless. Out now on Phonosphera Records its hard not to like this. 8.5/10



Posted June 3, 2010 by doommantia in Void Generator

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