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Mountain Goat have recorded a new 2 track demo and kindly sent it my way to review. Anyone who has heard their previous demo know the band has a dirty, gritty sound and not much has changed. These 2 tracks crush the listener with pulverizing riffs and a level of sonic energy that is sure to please amplifier worshiping maniacs everywhere. The first track with the title “Smoke Filled Land” and i wonder if the title was inspired by the Sleep lyric is a onslaught of swampy Sludge Metal. With a swirling, churning mass of riffing intensity it has a 70’s Hard Rock kind of feel but played with a Bongzilla kind of weed metal vibe especially in the vocals which sound like a cross between Muleboy and the dude from the now split Boulder (sorry the guy’s name escapes me). The middle section is when the track reaches a ridiculous level of down-tuned heaviness when the bass sound becomes so low-ended, it literally runs over you like a tractor hellbent on destruction. What the band lacks in originality, they make up for in some intense playing. There is a certain energy level that is reached while delivering this repetitive sludgy riff work-out. Along with the great riff, you get some truly bombastic production that drives the track home. All in all, the track kills and warrants a replay every time i listen to it.

The other track, “Outlaw” begins with a feed-backing squeal before it takes off into crunching, punchy mid-tempo burner. The riff in this one has a more infectious edge while still being extremely heavy and raw. The middle riff break brings a killer twist to “Outlaw”, it is only a short change to the proceedings as it soon turns back to the almost hypnotic, psychedelic main riff. Like “Smoke Filled Land” it has moments when the bass lock in with the guitar to create a even heavier vibe, these moments alone are enough to convince me that this band is the real deal. At just over 10 minutes, the demo is short but incredibly good at delivering a sonic dose of Sludgy goodness. The previous demo showed the potential the band has but this 2 tracker has now confirmed it, Mountain Goat are a force in the making. I hope they get the right label behind them real soon and get a full length album happening. They sound like they are ready to take it to the next level and when they do i will be one of the first to indulge myself. Mountain Goat are a must-hear so check them out. 9.5/10


Posted June 7, 2010 by doommantia in Mountain Goat

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