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From Madison, Wisconsin comes The Antiprism and i was surprised to discover this album was released on Barbarian Records way back in September of last year so i guess this could qualify as a hidden treasure or is it too new for that? Either way, this is a pretty cool album that instantly took me back to a time when Metal bands played Doom without even knowing it. This happen of course back in the late 70’s and early 80’s especially in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. Bands such as  plays Witchfynde and Grim Reaper had their elements of Doom Metal but where never ever referred to as “Doom Metal”. Same can be said for Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, that is where The Antiprism come in. Not only does the sound of the band echo that of early Celtic Frost but Alex Drake – Guitar and Vocals and Kurt Johnson on Bass actually play in a Celtic Frost cover band called Morbid Tales. Alex Drake’s wife Kristine Drake plays Drums and does what can only be described as “wicked vocals” in the band along with Chuck Amble on second Guitar and that makes up the line-up.

The Celtic Frost influence is highlighted in songs like “Echoes Of The Silver Star” and “Filth Be Damned” but this is more Traditional Doom Metal than anything Celtic Frost ever done. The album begins on a rather shaky note however, “The Antiprism” is also the name of the album opener and its a bit on the forgettable side, so forgettable in fact i was half tempted to hit stop right there but luckily things get much better with second track “Exorcist”. Its very traditional Metal and extremely cheesy but a great tune regardless, “Echoes of the Silver Star” is up next and it sounds like the bastard child of Hellhammer and Electric Wizard but things turn magical in the extreme for the next track “Madness Eternal”. Its also the first time you will hear the wonderful vocal combination of Alex and Kristine Drake. Her voice can only be described as something out of a old hammer-horror flick as she has a insane “wicked witch from the east” type of voice but its works beautifully with hubby Alex’s more nasty, aggressive ramblings. “Moonlight Overdrive” sounds like pure filler, not a total dud but mediocre material but the following “Obliterate Existence” takes up the slack nicely. The old school Metal approach is highlighted with thin but groove filled Guitar riffs that could have come from any Cirith Ungol record. Its predictable but the essence of true Heavy Metal is there and its a doom-filled journey that take you on even though most of the songs are terribly short and underdone.

“Ice Song” continues in a similar vibe, too up-tempo to be called Doom Metal these days but the underlying doominess is still there. A good example is in “Filth Be Damned” which is a mid-tempo, doom drenched burner only made even more spectacular by Kristine’s amazing vocals. This woman will have you mesmerized in places on this disc, they are sick, tormented and sweet all at the same time and she would have made a perfect replacement for Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath. Listen to her and i am sure you will see my point. “Eye Of Fire” sounds like a early 80’s attempt at Speed Metal, so much so it will have you digging out your old vinyl from the Neat Records label(showing my age here). “Mutilated Mass” and “For Blood Red Skies” finishes up the album in under 36 minutes, again just like a early 80’s slab of Metal wax. These two tracks hold no real surprises by this stage of the disc but they are both listenable and certainty will get you nodding the skull. All in all, this is a passable blend of Stoner Doom, N.W.O.B.H.M and early proto Doom Metal made unique with the use the trade-off Guitar harmonies and the male and female vocal combination that is truly amazing in parts. The sound is a little thin and raw, even by early 80’s standards and the songs are mostly too short so some tunes seem incomplete but if Black Sabbath, Cirith Ungol, Pentagram, Celtic Frost, Electric Wizard and Black Metal bands like Darkthrone are regulars on your play-list, then you must check out The Antiprism. 6.5/10

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  1. I had no idea we had this band in our own backyard. I am very glad that Sleestak is not alone in Wisconsin! Other noteworthy bands on the DOOM/STONER/PSYCH tip to check out include Mother Orchis, Dear Astronaut, The Parish, Breathe Fire, Malachi.

  2. There is some great bands in your area, expect a review for The Parish soon too.

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