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This is the debut of a young Russian band called The Sullen Route and once again proves that Russia not only has some of the most devastating Doom Metal bands in the world but have a sound all of their own. Apart from Britain, Russia is perhaps the only other country that produces Doom / Death bands with a totally unique sound considering most other countries produce bands with a mix of mostly American and European influences. Sadly Russian bands are largely unappreciated and most often the most abused through mass illegal downloading, this might have something to do with the very loose Internet laws in their country. The Sullen Route comes from Volgograd which is as far as i know is a very bleak environment to grow up in which may account for some of the darkness on display in this hour of brutal despairing, hollowing music. Obvious comparisons would be the likes of Mourning Beloveth, Process Of Guilt, Ataraxie, Minsk, Mouth of The Architect, Centurions Ghost, Evoken, Skepticism, Officum Triste and Esoteric.

What makes this album such a special release is the degree of sophistication for such a young band showcasing their talents on a debut album. I would also go as far to say that this might just be the best debut release ever from a Death / Doom band from not only Russia but the whole of Europe. So big cheers to Solitude Productions for getting this band signed and putting this one out there, this is a monumental piece of work. Highlighting tracks in unnecessary in this review because this is back to back full of endless great emotional Doom Metal that uses pure Guitar to get the feelings across unlike most other bands in the genre that use and abuse the symphonic approach via Keyboards. The album lets you suffocate in a sea of cold atmosphere and their is no light at the end of the tunnel on this disc, its a un-pleasant journey but a moving one that will leave you exhausted and emotionally charged with anger, despair and sadness.

The Sullen Route’s take on the Death / Doom genre is one laced with classical instrumentation but its never overdone, they use some technical guitar string arpeggios but like i previously said, this is class way beyond their young years. “Dagon”, “Gates”, and “I Come With The Rain” set the tone for the album in the first three tracks and that heavy intense mood is never lifted. The first three tracks are all killer exercises in controlled musical torment but other stand out tracks are the title track “Madness Of My Own Design” and the 10 minute album closer “One Way For Burning”. While this is a incredibly deep and menacing album, its nothing new or original and if you have heard the bands i compared them to then you will know what to expect with The Sullen Route but this is so sophisticated for a debut album, it is stunning beyond belief. The band is made of Djaspam – Guitar/Vocals, Sergey – Guitar, Alena – Bass, Aleksey – Drums and they should be very proud of this recording. The production is excellent and the playing throughout is immaculate, i took one point off for the lack of originality but apart from that, this has everything you could want from a Death / Doom release. Buy It!! 9/10

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Posted June 18, 2010 by doommantia in The Sullen Route

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