Any Writers Of Doom Out There ?   4 comments

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The success of Doommantia.Com has got to the point where i can no longer keep up with the demand for reviews and interviews. If you have previous experience in writing reviews or think you have what it takes to write a decent review with some detail, contact me through this site or shoot a email to Fill me in on your previous writing experience or tell me what makes you think you can fill this position. You have to really love what you are doing because there is no money to be made, just the satisfaction of sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world. I look forward to hearing from you…..Ed


Posted June 19, 2010 by doommantia in Doommantia

4 responses to “Any Writers Of Doom Out There ?

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  1. Hey man, quick question.

    I write for DOTH, and although I'm not personally a doom writer, I love your blog.

    SO, would you mind if I put your post (or something to the tune of) on my blog. Who knows, maybe a few of our readers might rise to the challenge?

    Let me know, and keep up the great reviews!

  2. That would be great bro, go right ahead and publish it. There will be free CD's if the right person comes along but they will have to prove themselves first. I have put up a link to your site on here as well.


  3. And remember, if you ever need a break from doom reviews, or for some reason want to write even more, you're always welcome to stop by for a guest post

  4. Thanks, that would be great. There is some things i would like to write about that don't really fit into the Doommantia format so i would be interested in that indeed.

    Keep in touch.

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