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This split-album of German old-timers Mirror of Deception and new Finnish explorers Garden of Worm is more than interesting release. First of all, for Mirror of Deception it’s a link between their last album “Shards” and forthcoming CD “A Smoldering Fire”, the band demonstrates all it’s creative power in three different images as they recorded not just simple songs for some usual release but hard and catchy tracks which would do credit for full-length CD. Secondly, here I have met Garden of Worm, so a popular practice of collaboration between bands bears its fruits once again: searching for good songs of one band, previously well-known for me, I get another good one. So… what did I say about “hard and catchy tracks”?

First song of Mirror of Deception is “Der Student von Ulm (The Traitor’s Son)”, it’s unusually long even for these gentlemen – more than 11 minutes is enough to show the listener the multi-aspect, rich and epic musical canvas. The song is based on ancient Shvabian legend and the lyrics is on Shvabian too, that certainly gives the song a rough brilliance and expression; thank God, there’s no any doubt in skills of Michael Sifferman as a voice-man – it seems that he sings at the top of his abilities but he does it easy and natural, his vocal lines are one of strongest components of modern Mirror of Deception. The track’s rhythm changes repeatedly and melodies are severe and gloom as some medieval hymn, conception of lyrics disclose wide through the song revealing us a tragic story of love, betrayal, madness and death. The composition “The Falls” was highly appreciated since I’ve heard it for a first time, just the one of the best band’s songs indeed with tension of unearthly, magical an furious grief in a form of deadly traditional doom – you can touch it, you can inhale it for very air is filled with condensate mix of  sorrow and anger! And finally band covered Quorton’s “Ode” profiting by such occasion and completing it’s set with another strong song with doom-tunes and grand choruses. Appearance of German doom-veterans into this split-CD is eloquent and convincing act, another proof of vitality of one of most professional and old European doom bands. I do not dare even to try to foretell that they lay in store till the time when new album will be ready, if these songs catch with only first tunes then what will be next?

Finnish Garden of Worm has risen from remains of Blueprint Human Being in 2003, band is quite active but only a year ago the guys were released first full-length album. “Gardeners” is i  think in some kind of progressive way, sticking to local underground doom-traditions as they walk their dark path. Their music is full of energy, and they are addicted to composing of songs with different paces (from intensive tempo to ballad-alike tracks) and atmosphere, denying simplicity as they stabilize and split hairs over new ways of instrumental vivisection and transmutation. Anyway their three songs look like conceptual story ascending from single construction of this bold experiment. “Trampled in the Dust” is memorable with it’s prog-doom structure and powerful sound, ten minutes-length “My Search for Solace” is advance to orthodox doom as it has been seen by Reverend Bizarre for example, and though voice of SJ. Harju sounded better on first track, it is not so actual and appropriate here, in the second song, which demands stronger vocal-lines in my opinion. “This Fortress Must Stand” reminds me that voice-man of Garden played in prog-band Manifold Object with musicians of Subaudition and I must to admit that there is a much of Subaudition in this song – I do not know how it happened, but so it is. But finally this mix of doom and progressive elements makes Garden of Worms music unique and bit unusual.

As I’ve said such collaborations are useful and needful – they help to explore a scene and bands which just wait for their chance to appear, therefore split-albums is really a great possibility to spread their music over the funds of another bands and this way works! I’ve got few more fantastic songs from Mirror of Deception and was surprised finding a good and new band for me. If you’re looking for something new or just want to hear brand songs of professional doom-band with good reputation then you have to listen it. I’m serious as a bloody coffin, comrade.

Garden of Worm @ Myspace
Official Mirror of Deception website
MoD at MySpace.com
Doom Dealer – The Church Within

Review Written By Aleks Evdokimov


Posted June 24, 2010 by doommantia in Garden Of Worm

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