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This four way split from Raig Records comes with the interesting title “Dirgenera Quadrivium”. Dirgenera i have found out is something of a independent promotional community from Russia focusing on Doom Metal, Black Metal, Sludge Metal and other genres of underground heavy music. The company who’s official name is produces high quality CDR’s as promo products for bands so they hopefully can obtain the record deals they desire. The word “Quadrivium” is a little more complex, it’s a Latin word meaning “the four ways”, its also the combitation of four subjects or arts namely Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy and it was originally taught in medieval times. Quadrivium was also considered preparatory work for the study of Philosophy and Theology. These high quality CDR’s are being distrubuted by R.A.I.G records which stands for “Russian Association For Independent Genres” so that is my history lesson for today boys and girls. Onto the music of these four bands on this split, VIR, Vali, Hermansyndrome and Aethyr.

Vir starts the split album with a distortion filled track called “Clay” and despite the fact it sounds like it was recorded in a cave somewhere, it is a very impressive track. It begins with waves of distortion followed by screaming vocals and all kinds of sub-sonic noises. There is a acoustic guitar in there but it is buried under the all the various noises being generated. “Clay” is a little too raw to be judged fully but its a impressive 12 minutes of “Noise Rock” that suggests Vir could be a band to watch out for in the future. Next band up is Vali with a track titled “Yggdrasil”, it begins on its monolithic adventure with low rumbling bass lines followed by raw, distorted guitar work played at a snails pace and that doesn’t change much at all for the entire 15 minutes. A decent track overall but very one dimensional and stagnant throughout but worth a listen. “Hermansyndrome” contains the musical theme of this split album with more distortion and feedback which extends way longer that is should in my opinion but the track explodes in a fury of Doom Laden riffing after 10 minutes but just as a groove is built, you guessed it, it changes again into romantic sounding synth’s and strings. Again its not bad but sounds very much like a un-even and disjointed track.

The split concludes with Aethyr’s track called “Mass” and it is the prefect name for the piece and it is indeed a mass of heavy sounds in a similar vein of the other bands but more industrial sounding. It must be noted that all the music on this split is mostly instrumental and very much at the extreme end of the musical spectrum and Aethyr’s track might the hardest track of the four songs here to digest easily. All the bands are slow, noisy, sludge-filled doses of experimental noise rock and not for the casual listener. They are also not the kind of musical pieces that are instantly enjoyable, it took me some time to fully appreciate the 65 minutes of this split but after several spins i found i rate all four bands equally. They all show promise and potential so as this is just a showcase for the bands involved, i am impressed with most of what these four bands dished up here. There is only 102 numbered copies of the split available ( mine is number 32 ) so be quick if you want a copy. For the open-minded and the extreme Doom, Noise freak out there but if you are such a listener then you will want to hunt this one down as soon as you can. 8/10


Posted June 24, 2010 by doommantia in Dirgenera

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