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Here is the first of a new feature on this site and that is albums and bands that should have been huge but strangely flew under the radar. One of these bands is the criminally underrated East German trio Dreaming. Formed in 1993 which makes them one of Germany oldest Doom Metal bands, Dreaming created a masterpiece in 2006 with “II”. While the debut album suffered with thin production and a couple of weak tracks, this album is a Doom monster that should be in every doomster’s collection. Strictly old school in every possible way, the sound of Dreaming is rich in the vibe of Witchfinder General, The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and early Masters Of Reality. How bands like this can release such monumental work and still go unnoticed by most people should be a crime. The sound on “II” is what pulls you in on the very first spin, warm fuzzy guitar sound, earthly laid back vocals and solid drumming. The second thing to grab you is the tracks themselves, they have a infectious, timeless feel about them that makes you think you have been listening to them for 20 years already.

“The Other” begins the monstrously heavy album with a riff to make speakers melt before your eyes, the warm fuzzy guitar tones and the classic riff is the stuff of gods. While its orthodox in arrangement, there is a heavy dose of originality in the actual riffing which makes tracks like this and others so great. Even when a song like “Creeping Forward” comes across like a Saint Vitus tribute, it still carries a sense of freshness to it. With Dreaming it is not just a case of recycling and the re-hatching of ideas but rather making something new out of a tried and true formula. Guitarist Sandro who shares vocals with bassist Thomas has a ear for a catchy yet inspiring riff work and the vocals are laid back, devoid of any real range but are totally infectious. “Treadmill” is a Doom Metal orgy of skilled songmanship while “The Summer Of The Horse” is a Stoner Doom anthem that sticks in your head even after the very first spin of the disc. Once again it comes down to that warm and crispy guitar sound that is original and authentic in its live atmosphere and the lyrics are pure and honest while avoiding the obvious cliches that are found in most Doom acts.

“Way Home” is more classic riffage that gives you the feeling they searched and mined for the most gloomiest, dirty riffs that could muster before recording this album. Maybe that is why there hasn’t been a Dreaming III as yet, the songs are so strong on this disc that following this album would be a daunting task for any band. “Orgies Of Sorrow” and “Blurred Truth” don’t disappoint either, both tracks are irresistible in the way they are delivered. The final track called “Birth Means Defeat” is the only track on the entire disc that goes slightly off the rails. Its a bit too long and all the solid ideas are packed into the first half of the tune before it falls apart a little towards the end. Despite that minor failing, this album is a essential purchase for all Doom Metal fans especially the more old-school fanatic who digs infectious grooves with ear catching riff lines and vocals. I originally picked this up on vinyl released on the Skull Records label but i recently got sent the CD version put out by PsycheDOOMelic and i must say its the essential version to own. The sound is bigger and has more depth to it that the vinyl, its also louder and that is always a bonus in my book of Doom Metal requirements. There will be many more reviews of forgotten albums and releases that should be regarded as essential but for now, hunt this one down and hail the mighty riffs of Dreaming. 9.5/10

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