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“Celestial Powers Intervened To True Supremacy” is the name of the new Hguols project. For those unfamiliar with Hguols, its a one man project band from Tom Eversole who was the drummer in a gore-grind band called Slough. While Hguols is basically a Black Metal creation, the atmospheric sounds and vibes created and very different from the norm because its 100% Midi generated. Some may say that is blasphemy in itself but it works and the previous album titled “Epitome” was proof positive that this unusual approach is not only creative but also effective in delivering a very cold, dark element to the music and surprisingly not sterile either.

“Destined To Find Sanctuary” kicks off the Black Metal bombastic soundtrack but this unlike Traditional Black Metal i have ever heard. While its retains typical Black Metal trademarks like blast beats, its very ambient, cold, bleak and haunting which is why i don’t mind at reviewing it in what is essentially a Doom Metal site. “I Found The Essence of Darkness” blends haunting melodies with a almost symphonic feel even though it driven mostly by machine-gun beats that sound amazingly charismatic and earthly for a machine based sound. You could describe as a Black Metal drone but more importantly there is strong melodic elements that make this a highly listenable piece of music. “Within The Grip Of Insanity” combines odd timings, orchestral elements, crippling ambiance and more haunting melody lines. The lack of vocals actually adds to the bleakness of the project and gives this album even colder atmospherics.

“All But Life Was Lost” is a highlight with its grandiose epic vibe and the surgical- like precision of the way its arranged adds to the dramatic nature of the piece. It has a cinematic feel to it which is something you don’t hear much within this genre of music. “In This Exchange Of Demise” is more of the same, equally as dramatic and challenging to the senses. “Celestial Powers Intervened” is a great dose of potent ambient music delivered with a strong essence of melody once again. The musical twists and turns are effective as they add to each preceding section, building upon layers of sound. The section just before the five minute mark is monumental in its attack but it still has time to return to a haunting melody line. These elements gives the album some real character and depth. “My Eyes Have Opened” has a ugly yet mesmerizing beauty about it while closing track “To True Supremacy” has a almost symphonic, classical vibe about it while remaining intense enough to shatter windows. The horror-filled cinematic vibe blends with crushing ambiance for over eight minutes and leaves you exhausted by the end of it. When it is all over, you are left with a essential piece of work with many different dimensions to it. Incredibly life-like considering how it was made and recorded, composer Tom Eversole has made something to be proud of.

In a world where one-man bands are a dime a dozen these days, the Hguols project stands out for its intensity and dramatic arrangements. While this will most likely fall under the Black Metal banner for most people, its pure ambient music to me and a great one at that. Available now as a digital release, it will be released on Barren Meadows Recordings in September. 9/10

Barren Meadows Recordings


Posted June 28, 2010 by doommantia in Hguols

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