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There is a review site on the net who’s catch phrase is “we listen to all the lousy records so you don’t have to” and just about sums up right now how i feel about this split from Fading Waves and Starchitect. This release comes from Slow Burn Records which is the first post-metal label from Russia who so they say. The release is being distributed by Solitude Productions also from Russia. The term “post-metal” makes me cringe every time i hear it and sometimes my fears are put to rest by some good music, sadly this is not the case here. Lets start with the best of the two bands Fading Waves.

Fading Waves is a one-man-band from some place called Rostov-on-Don in the Russian Federation, the 7 tracks on the split actually make up a EP released last year so they get a second bite of the cherry with releasing the tracks twice. Fading Waves are atmospheric Sludge mixed with what everyone calls post-rock these days, a mystifying tag if there ever was one and one of those stupid musical tags that doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore. The 7 tracks are based mostly around melodic, instrumental sections supported by slightly complex arrangements and progressive rock styled guitar work. Some of this works and some of it doesn’t, at their best they remind me of Cult Of Luna and at their worst, they sound like a third grade Neurosis but without any of the songwriting ability. Its not too bad, at times the tunes are very infectious but two or three tracks into the seven, i am left with the urge to hit eject and move onto something else.

Things get even worse when Starchitect make their appearance, they are a duo from Ukraine who mangle Metal with hardcore and once again get that dreaded post-rock tag. Like Fading Waves, the 5 tracks here come from a previous released EP titled “Hope”. Its not my style to shit-talk about bands i have no desire to listen to ever again so i will just say, this sounds very rough musically and lacks anything to get excited about. The vocals are particularly annoying, the guitar work aims for the hardcore end of the musical spectrum and fails terribly. There only saving grace is some atmospheric elements which comes to the rescue of a couple of tunes. Again i stress this point, its not my type of music and this is only my opinion but i think this blows. 4/10



Posted June 30, 2010 by doommantia in Fading Waves

5 responses to “Fading Waves / Starchitect Split Album

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  1. 4/10 this review as well? I have realized that you have no good taste in music and you have a closed mind. I don't know why are you doing reviews.

  2. This person obviously is working for the label or something as she or he is only commenting on low scoring albums on the Solitude / Badmoodman labels. If he/she took the time she/he would see how fair your reviews are but its clear the only one with a closed mind here is this person. Nightmarer – would don't you comment on all the positive reviews given here ?

  3. Yeah i don't know what the problem is with this person, maybe she does work for the label, i don't know. I have given great reviews to other bands on the label but so far this person has ignored those. I can't like every single band on the planet. By the way Nightmarer, i made you a offer of discussing these views via emails but i still haven't heard from you. The offer still stands. earthdog@doommantia.com

  4. Doing my usual lunch time reading of Doommantia and spotted this new comment and surprise, surprise its that dreaded person again. You're running into some “street team” member who is similar to a member of the Nazi SS…they gang up in a coordinated attack. Never listen to them or take down a review, That way, the terrorists win. Also you have show your class and strong character by publishing the comments, most people would have rejected the comment.

  5. Criticism goes both ways. People can critique the critic, but does it matter? A review really is just one person's opinion of the material, not the actual material itself, therefore there is no arguing the point, really. People who cannot understand that are usually very young or very immature. Personally, I like reading a well-written, negative review, whether I personally like the artist in question or not. It inspires me to form opinions of my own that are equally as strong. In other words grow up !!

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