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Another great record from the superb label Elektrohasch Records based in Germany. Stefan Koglek, guitarist-singer from Colour Haze, is the owner of Elektrohasch. The label specializes in heavy, psychedelic rock from the likes of Hypnos 69, My Sleeping Karma, Causa Sui, Los Natas, Josiah and of course Colour Haze. By the way, I can’t even begin to stress what a great band Colour Haze is. So if you have any chance to check them out live or on vinyl, be sure not to miss out on this German treat. But let’s go back to Rotor.

Rotor, hailing from Berlin, presents its fourth record already, and song number four, titled An3R4 is my absolute favorite. Yes, it’s part Melvins, and part Rotor, and it rocks from beginning to end. To describe the overall sound of this album, I would have to start of course with Melvins, Atomic Bitchwax, but also Karma To Burn. On their Myspace, Rotor describes their musical undertaking as ‘a flowered german tank full of iranian neohippies on mescaline in their search of the holy hole races through Your auditory canal.’ Most songs are instrumental – only my favorite song number four is with vocals, as is the bonus, Obsessed’s cover Neatz Brigade – and the fun thing is that you don’t notice this at the first couple of listens. Actually, I just now checked, and I think that says a lot about this band. Just remember how insanely good Karma To Burn is, even without a singer – or due to the absence of one.
The song after An3R4, Costa Verde, is the second highlight on this album. Qua melodies and sound this reminds me of Colour Haze a lot, and Derwisch quickly picks up the pace of this record. Listening to 4 is listening to a joyful chaos with plenty of interesting rhythms to satisfy both listeners who want to rock out, ánd listeners who enjoy their beers – try Dutch Alfa beer from around here – with their headphones on. I remember a text on Queens Of The Stone Age where Josh Homme explains their music: it should simply rock, but it shouldn’t be too dumb. Exactly that’s the case with 4: it has something for everyone.

I’m quite visually oriented, so my emblem for Rotor would be an Opel Manta A or an Opel GT with all the extras (please google if you’re not familiar!) and with the Dutch Opel GT club’s motto “Nur fliegen ist Schöner” in mind (only flying would be nicer), I think this pretty much sums up how I feel about this album. I could be wrong, but this may be end-of-the-year-list material. And have a look at the outstanding artwork! 8/10

Rotor Official
Rotor Myspace
Elektrohasch Records

Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever


Posted July 2, 2010 by doommantia in Rotor

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