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Here is a interview that Sandrijn did with Holland’s Viberider – Enjoy !

Soccer World Championship 2010
So, Holland made it into the quarterfinals today! Are you particularly happy or couldn’t you care less? Living in a lower middle class neighborhood – or in a higher low-class one, I’m not so sure – the streets are covered in orange (the color of the Dutch nation soccer team). I tend to get into the sporty mood that way.
Same here, as the team gets closer to the finals our faith grows. We are even getting the hang of playing the vuvuzela. But on the other hand a soccer match can actually remain interesting for exactly 90 minutes.

Intro – personnel
First, let’s introduce your band. Who’s in the band right now, and could you tell me a little bit about the musicians’ different backgrounds in music or art. Of course, Viberider is a well-known band around here, having played on the famous Pinkpop festival, and winning the Nu Of Nooit (Now Or Never) contest in 2007, but let’s introduce yourselves to the American public.
Viberider is the collaboration between Jowan van Barneveld, a painter/ musician and Ferry Duijsens, a full time musician who have known each other since their teenage years. Viberider albums are written and recorded by these two, the band is only formed after an album is finished, changes members regularly, except for van Barneveld and Duijsens who both sing and play guitar in it, and is recruited from a group of befriended musicians. At the moment the band you can see playing live consists of Rob Dokter on bass, Jos Roosen on drums, Kelly Kockelkoren on background vocals and samples and Ed Romijn adds layers of guitar-based noise to the whole.

New album – The Big Show
I have listened to The Big Show the last couple of days, and I like the overall sound. Opener Kiddo’s Cool Like Fonzie kicks in freshly and reminds me qua riffing of Queens Of The Stone Age, but I have a feeling the band does not wants to be pigeonholed to the label stonerrock or something similar. Not to mention a song titled F[uc]k Stoner Anyway. Let’s get back to the label thing a little bit later.
     As far as The Big Show is concerned, what could you tell us about it’s formation?

a. What ideas formed the core for this album, and:
This album is based more on the separate musical identities of the two writers in the band. We have selected personal songs that may be quite far apart musically and decided for this album to give in to all the extra’s any particular song asked for, instead of limiting ourselves to drums, bass, guitars and vocals. Which by the way remains an excellent thing to do.

b. How does The Big Show relate to your prior releases?
The big show shows a much broader spectrum of musical possibilities than our prior releases. Our previous full-length album ‘Evolve the Long Lead’ [2006] was distilled from one jam and is very a coherent album. Our other release, the 10″ vinyl record ‘Split for Michigan’ [2009] was a re-recording of the very first Viberider songs that were written as far back as in 1997. That one is very much a stoner record. As basic as it gets.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but The Big Show is your first release on a ‘major’ label? How does the label work out for you guys?
We are in the process of finding out. But it is a total difference that people are actually able to buy your record at the store compared to having to get it from one of us.

The Big Show – influences
Of course, listening to the album brings a couple of bands to mind. I mentioned Queens Of The Stone Age earlier, but other bands I think of are Foo Fighters, Tool, even The Get Up Kids and The Anniversary (listen to Caroline’s synth). What were, musically or conceptually, forebears or bands of inspiration?
We always try to steer away from any resemblance to whatever band if we hear the music is getting to close to anything we know. We try to think more in terms of spheres, and most of the time influences come from music that on an audible level has nothing to do with our own sound.

I really liked the artwork. The feel reminded me somewhat of the Chillwave moniker. Who made it?
The artwork was done by me, Jowan van Barneveld, it is based on photo’s taken in L.A. , early 2009. Strangely enough it has little to do with the art I do outside of Viberider. It is thought and made more in an artwork mindset.

Firstly, maybe you don’t like the label stoner – or sludge, or doom – but when you think of this tag anyway, what are your favorites within this genre? Personally, I really like Coven, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, Om and Sleep a lot.
We love stoner. We just do not love the self imposed limitations often displayed by  stoner bands. There is often something very puritanical about it. In our teenage years we were very very influenced by Black Sabbaths first four albums and I am sorry to say that I think most stoner made after that didn’t really top that. Certainly not in creativity.

Now, moving upwards and delving into more broader areas musically speaking, what are your favorites? I myself love Brian Eno , Devo, Roxy Music, Television but I’m also a big fan of Meat Loaf.
Ferry and I are very differently influenced. I know he really likes Mice Parade, Deerhoof and a lot of eighties crap. We were both musically formed in the nineties, so influences like Soundgarden, Deftones and Tool have certainly played a big part. Personally I love some of John Frusciante’s solo work and I like the Mars Volta very much. And lots and lots of obscure older music is constantly playing in my studio depending on momentary obsessions.

Guilty pleasures..
And, even more fun, what acts you really dig are you ashamed of? To give an example, I Iisten to Beyoncé quite often.
I am ashamed of nothing, except a lot of the stuff Ferry listens to. 😉

Tekken 5
Of course, needing no introduction, Tekken 5 is one of the best games – ever – on the PlayStation platform. I remember being close to being addicted to this game. It has come this far, that friends don’t want to play with me, because I always win.
     Now, imagine Tekken 5 or a similar kick ass game where you can beat the living shit out of each other’s characters. What artist would you love to fight with? I would love to kick Beck’s ass, because I hate his persona ánd his music.
I would love to kick the asses of musicians who insist on boring me with their big plans and ideas, without ever realizing them. It’s 99% air out there.

Are there any interesting side projects we should be aware of?
Psychoschq., our 2 man band which records one off sessions using two guitars and a hellaload of effect pedals. It’s like a soundtrack, only without the movie. Tripping out. Into the void.
Interview By Sandrijn van den Oever

Viberider Myspace


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