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hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA (and i haven’t gone all dyslexic with the caps lock key, its just the way they present their name) is from Italy. The first immediate thing to worry me is they are given the “Stoner Rock” tag by some in the underground media but i don’t hear much if anything stoner-ish about this album. The other point that sticks in my claw every-time i hear it, is they get the dreaded post-metal/post-rock tag which is also a very confusing and useless musical description in my book. So i got that out of the way and i listened to this with a open-mind and still got a mixed reaction from the musical ideals presented. Apart from the odd riff here and there, most of this is closer to the early grunge sound than anything else. Most of the time is spent recycling some riffs and ideas from Tool, A Perfect Circle and Korn while the rest of the time they sound like Clutch meets Dozer.

Having said all that, its not too bad at all in parts. “Feed On Me” has got a good amount of atmosphere, mostly due the characteristic vocalist, some good hypnotic riffing and intricate melody lines that do catch your attention. The title track has a good riff that not too far removed from the sound of Dozer while “Vaniloquentia” is a ambient piece. Just to add something extra to the array of musical textures, you get a song like “I Can’t Hear You” which is slightly progressive and adventurous in a Tool kind of way. While these tracks are pretty good, it also presents a problem to my ears as they seem to be stuck in some kind of musical “outer space” in terms of direction. They seem to be trying to cater for the underground in some respects while desperately trying to appeal to the mainstream at the same time. In my opinion, you can’t do both and therefore the album seems a little disjointed. The saving grace however is the musicianship and production which is remarkable.

Overall, this is slightly progressive, a little hypnotic but still sounds more at home with the so called Alternative Metal/Rock scene of the early 90’s which i was never a fan of so i found this less than exciting to say the least. I do see a big future for the band though as there is a lot of very listenable and commercial melodies and ideas to grab onto on the “Feed On Me” album. Its just not for me and certainly wouldn’t appeal to the average “Stoner Rock” fan. Its one to judge for yourself, i just won’t be listening to it anytime soon but check it out anyway. 5/10



Posted July 12, 2010 by doommantia in hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA

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