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Instruments and the sounds gained from Orgone Accumulators and Analog Synths usually mean one genre of music and that is Space Rock. I am also pretty sure if it wasn’t for those masters and originators of Space Rock, Hawkwind the Orgone Accumulator wouldn’t even be known today. Luckily for us, there is bands such as Italy’s Void Generator to carry on the cosmic musical tradition. Their latest album Phantom-Hell And Soar Angelic is a triumph of spacey sounds and mesmerizing stoner jams. Aleks Evdokimov caught up with guitarist Gianmarco for this interview.

-Salute comrade Gianmarco! Mate, first of all I would like to ask you one embarrassing question – how old are you? Your MySpace page says that “Void Generator were born ten million (10000000) years ago” so I just fear to suppose how and when it was!
– Hi mate, thanks a lot for your question. I am just 42 million years old.

-Yeah?! And how can you prove this hypothesis? I do not remember your images on the walls of Maya pyramids!
– hehe…we were playing in the outer space mate !

-What’s your occupation in the band? You are responsible for guitars and voice and that’s enough, but also it’s said that you’re responsible for “orgone accumulator”, does this accumulator start Void Generator?
– Well, everyone at the band uses an Orgone Accumulator. It is a machine from Wilhelm Reich that provides orgonic energy (chi-energy/life energy) taken from the ambiance. A sort of box – or more boxes – where you can accumulate the cosmic energy. It has several applications, even as super-orgasmic creator…oh yesss…

-Is it some of those devices which awake Cundalini?!  Man, it’s Chinese fake for chi-energy is controlled only through chakras! But really, Gianmarco, are you meaning that music helps you to develop your spiritual life?
– Not a matter of spirit, music helps develop ourselves, our Oedipal ties, nothing more…

-I understand that thing with accumulator – ok 🙂 But which “sound machines” does Cristiano, your synths player, operate? Dare I guess that they supply his “tape destroyer”, Sonia’s “star cager” and Marco’s “galaxy crusher”. Though I would prefer do not start the last one!
– Cristiano usually plays three monophonic synth (just one on stage) and a space-tape echo. Actually I use a number of stomp boxes, modified appropriately to get a ‘good’ sound by one side and to get a unique sound by the other hand. In studio we used tons of analogue and digital machines to get all those weird sounds. Impossible to use them all at a time on stage.

-Hm, and how does Void Generator work on a stage in that case? What’s about your live performances?
– It depends on the venue, three synths at least for Cristiano and 2/3 pedalboards for me, a theremin and 3 Orgone Accumulators…

– Gianmarco , you introduce all of your band’s crew but we also have mysterious “Bob The Rich” who grants you “spiritual guidance”. Who is your guru, man?
– Bob is Bob matey…he’s our John Sinclair…can’t say more…

-As you know first human in space was Russian cosmonaut Yurij Gagarin, if you were there too then he could report about Void Generator to our government, of course you can say that you’re from “Pegasus” and that you “landed on Earth in 1998” but it looks like conflicting data for if you were already here in 1998 then why do you have only 3 CDs in stock?
-We met Yurij, it was 1961, a very nice guy. We spent many many time here on your earth just doggin’ around. Not so easy to find guys to play ‘music’ here in Italy. That’s the real reason.

-All of your 3 CDs including last one “Phantom Hell and Soar Angelis” was produced and released by yourself. I would understand if some unprofessional new band did so, but didn’t you really find any label to produce your music? Is it how Phonosphera Records started?
-We didn’t look for a label so much. When I discovered that the Swedish ban named ‘The Spacious Mind’ made a label on their own, I’ve realized that today is almost unuseful to do that, I prefer spend money and promote the band on my own. A major is always welcome…even if P2P had its weight in the decision.

-Gianmarco, is Phonospehra Records only for Void Generator? I saw distribution section into it’s site but there’s only one album of Sendelica in the list, do you have plans to develop this indie label?
-No, man from Earth…Phonosphera is for all…we like. We are goin’ to distribute some bands like ‘The Grand Astoria’ and ‘Mountain Of Judgement’ and publishing ‘Vocokesh’.

-Producing music by your own forces also means that you promote it by yourself too. What is your success? Can you say that today you really know how to do it?
-Well, we can’t say we are the Guru of promoting but I can assure we had response in the whole world, from Puerto Rico to New Zealand, USA, Germany, Norway, Canada and so on.

-And from which countries do you get more responses? Does such acknowledgment cheer up you enough to think about band’s future and concerts in other countries?
 – USA and Germany are our strongest followers, we are planning some gigs for the next autumn just in the northern Europe and we know very well that is always difficult to live on our music because we don’t play commercial-pop music.

-It is not very exact definition but Void Generator plays music which we could partially name as “space” or “psychedelic” and it’s kind of “retro” music because Hawkind or Pink Floyd are really old bands, but the band also sounds modern and timely. Therefore I would like to ask you – how are an audience of Void Generator?
-Don’t think this is a ‘retro’ music, a sort of clone I mean. Of course, when you had to define and promote music you are forced to do a comparison so the public can get an idea. Well, we are trying to get a unique personality, even if is so difficult. Don’t expect that next releases will be exactly the same style, may be folk, may be doom…we are pickin’ up all the new stuff and looking for the best. Not a matter of genre. Of course, we will always be Void Generator…hope so! Our public…good question! I saw young prog-fans, stoner addicted, families (!), many not-so-young guys…so really different and curious. We usually have a good audience in the northern Europe and in the USA, let’s see.

-No, I am meaning not that “retro-music” and “clone-music” are the same! Though I do not think that there were more different bands in the past – just evolution!
-Good said, Evolution ! Remember, we are from the past, we are SO old, so we all know what Evolution is !!!

– Gianmarco, which songs (that you have ever heard) are most token for you?
– Impossible to give an answer, too many…

-And which songs of Void Generator are most important for you too?
– I’d say: Sidereal Connection, Astral Manipulation, Message From the Galactic Federation, the Eternaut…

-It’s interesting that you choose “Message From the Galactic Federation” – why do you pick this track up for yourself? And how do other listeners could imagine it? Don’t you ever think why your songs are interesting for others?
– This song is out of any genre and has tons of nuances, just take some minutes, give several tries and let me know how much different stuff you can listen to. This song is Void Generator. I really don’t know why a song could be interesting for other guys. We care to play what we like, that’s all.

-For myself I would like to mark “The Eternaut” and “The Morning” from your new CD “Phantom Hell and Soar Angelic”, they are different but both are cool! Please comment them for us.
– The Morning is an old song, simple, just three chords, born just many years ago, it’s a love song with a growing psych-sensation. The Eternaut is made by two different chords, one is a quite mood and the second is a tension vibe. The alternation of these chord allows to play over minutes and minutes…my dear terrestrian ! lol

-And simple methods are better then complex sometimes!
– Sure, it depends on what kind of sensation you are trying to communicate. And this is very important in the economy of the release.

-How does “Phantom Hell and Soar Angelic” differ from both previous CDs?
– Very different because it shows a clear effort to improve our creativity. Previous releases were good but more ‘classical’ I am bored with classical stuff, the world is full of classical songs hun…

-What are main distinguishing features of your music? Our readers can make their own conclusions as they’ve read about “space”, “psychedelic” and “stoner” influences in your music. But maybe not all of them know about such terms!
– Well, stoner music has a characteristic low tuning strings and we do that (1.5 step or 2 , it depends on the song), but we differ from stoner because we don’t play a simple ‘bluesy mood’, it’s more ‘progressive’ in a wide sense. Space and psychedelic moments are borrowed by old school bands like Hawkwind or even Motorpsycho, but we use them with a costant carpet, this is a perpetual sensation that our band is looking for, is the hard-core of our music, at the moment.

-How did you work out your manner of singing? It’s ideal for that music, and it sounds great in itself.
– Never did anything in particular, just sung…

-You as any other musician have a lot of bands who influenced  you, is it hard to avoid obvious influences in your own music? I do not think that it’s bad for any band but we can always read in reviews “this band plays like that band”. And “that band” is Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd in the end! 🙂
– No one invents anything from nothing. Indeed… Bands to which they have assimilated us so far: Pink Floyd, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gong, Hawkind, Porcupine Tree, Kyuss, Sad Lovers and Giants, Amon Duul II , Motorpsycho, Colour Haze, Patto, King Crimson, WE, Dozer, Truckfighters, Litmus, First Band From Outerspace, Space Mirrors, Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet, The Beatles, New Order, Q.O.T.S.A…a quite cornucopia, isn’t it ?

-It’s clear from where roots of Void Generator grow but even the production of CD keeps feeling of 70’s vintage. Is this epoch still so important for you?
-I like that feel in the synths, not so important anyway.

– Gianmarco, it was last question. My best wishes to you and your family! Thank you comrade for your music!
– Oh yes…just give a chance to underground music because this is the only real one at the moment. Just say hello to all the human race !

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  1. …Jesus Christ…what an album! A real mind blowing masterpiece !

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