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It seems like a lifetime has passed waiting for Doomshine to released their new album, “The Piper at the Gates of Doom”. They have a way with album titles, in 2004 they released “Thy Kingdoom Come” and with Doom proudly displayed in their name and in the albums titles, Doomshine must be real Doom Metal right? Actually that doesn’t really mean anything, anybody remember a band called Metallica” ha ha. This German band formed in 2000 and judging by the long stretch between recordings, they must take their metal pretty seriously. Listening to their previous album and this new one shows just how well thought out their songs really are, basically Doomshine are pure class and as are the musicians that are creative, technically excellent and of a top-notch caliber in the old school tradition of constructing songs to stand the test of time. Apart from the remarkably talented vocals of Tim Holz who also is a gifted guitarist, the other key member is Sven Podgurski who also is well known for his work in Spiral Tower (a power / speed metal group) and Tragedy Divine (a progressive metal group).

I am glad to say 2004’s “Thy Kingdoom Come” was no fluke as “The Piper At The Gates Of Doom” is actually even better in my opinion. Its a little different with a more epic approach to the song writing, longer songs and also a more well balanced technique of walking the fine line between Traditional Doom Metal and old school Heavy Metal in the vein of Black Sabbath and early Dio. From the perspective of Doom Metal, they still are riding the Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus Doom Metal wave and producing material that stands proudly next to those Doom legends and gods. They do lean more towards the power metal side of Doom at times though but without the vocal gymnastics of usual power metal, the vocals are in the Candlemass vein so no screaming falsettos here, thankfully. Doomshine really shine in tracks like “Doomshine Serenade” that has thick, murky guitar riffs but the vocal style and the arrangements are totally climbing in a restrained but compelling intensity. “Hark! The Absurd Angels Fall” is slightly cliched but really infectious and the album closer titled “Godhunter” is a monster of a track that barrages its way along for close to 10 minutes with harsh riffing but also with some of the most ear-catching melodies that Doomshine has ever produced.

While the album has some real depressing Doom elements they also break into much more up-beat headbangers such as in “Rivers Of January”, while it carries more of the old-school power metal guitar work, it still holds the darkness and the depressive vibe of classic Doom Metal. “Cold Cypher Ceven” is another killer track verging into Dio’s “dungeons and dragon fantasy land” but its not cheesy at all. The Heavy Metal groove is very much head-bangable but still has the eerie vibe needed for a Doom band. The other standout track is “Sanctuary Demon” which opens the disc and its a perfect album starter. The tune is pure intense, crushing metal that threatens to destroy you within its 8 minutes, its also a track that would send chills up the spine in a live setting. The other tracks are also good so no fillers here at all but the tracks i have quoted are the golden moments on “The Piper At The Gates Of Doom”.

A few things make Doomshine truly great, the vocals of Tim Holz who has real charisma in his voice, the guitar work of Podgurski who at times scales new heights of Doom Metal majestic craftsmanship. The bass/drum duo of Carsten Fisch and Markus Schlaps are equally up to the task that they are given, a finer rhythm section would be hard to find anywhere. What also makes them instantly appealing is they will satisfy the Trad-Doom fan as well as the more generic Heavy Metal fan. Lovers of Black Sabbath, Dio and especially 80’s darker Metal bands will get a rush from listening to this. Doomtastic! 9/10

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