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This record is pretty cool actually! I’m quite happy with my late interest in Italian doom, and Lord Of The Undead Knights by Temple Of Pain is another fine example of southern European doom. The first thing that’ll strike you, is the slow tempo which keeps the atmosphere laden and keeps me anticipating for a catharsis. The joke is – you will not get any catharsis. This delay of gratification keeps you captivated in the five tracks of this nice little EP (33:41).

Besides the slow tempo, another aspect of this release is its unpretentiousness. Sure, associations of various doom acts will pop up while listening to this, but the great thing about these five songs is that they come across as genuinely sincere, without too much focusing on what’s hip or wanted in the scene of doom, heavy rock and stoner. In its focus, Temple Of Pain is pretty timeless, and I know that can be said about a lot of releases within this niche, but still. Lord Of The Undead Knights might as well have been released then years earlier – or later for that matter. Now, I’ll understand that listeners might find this record to be more of the same, but I think it’s really good in its length, its unpretentiousness and its sheer fun in music.

What is known about the band? My last.fm player tells me I’m the 146th worldwide listener to Temple Of Pain and that gives me – as it always does – a good feeling. Temple Of Pain, hailing from Bergamo in Italy, is (according to their myspace) “the brand new project of Fabio “Thunder” the singer / guitarist and founder of the doom-metal band Thunderstorm. The band (featuring many special guests) offers the same atmospheres as the very first Thunderstorm works, a genuine true epic doom with no external influences.” Alas, I’m not familiar with Thunderstorm, but after listening to Temple Of Pain I’m at least interested. According to Encyclopaedia Metallum, this EP is the first release by Temple Of Pain. Which makes this release the more interesting. The picture of Fabio Thunder is funny by the way – he looks like a generic Ozzy holding a huge (huge!) medieval fantasy sword. For grown-ups, this picture can be somewhat off-putting, but hey, at least we know the guy is truly metal.

So, in a way it’s hard to make up my mind about this release. The first couple of listenings were very promising, but where will this release be in the remainder of 2010? Is it strong enough to end up in anyone’s year list, or will it wither in time? Time will tell, and as a debut this EP will leave a fine imprint upon listeners would be my guess. The only disadvantage on Lord Of The Undead Knights is the vocals: I think the singer is way better in the lower regions than in the higher ones.

Lord Of The Undead Knights is out since the 30th of April 2010, on Black Widow Records. 7 out of 10.

Temple Of Pain @ Myspace

Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever


Posted July 22, 2010 by doommantia in Temple Of Pain

2 responses to “Temple Of Pain – Lord Of The Undead Knights (EP)

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  1. Great review, i can't wait to grab a copy of this.

  2. Thank you! You will not be disappointed.

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