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Obsidian Sea got together in the beginning of 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Being a Bulgarian band may seem rare and it is rare to get hear Doom Metal coming from that country but judging by the amount of views we get here from Bulgaria at Doommantia.Com, Doom Metal must have a solid following. I also have to say Obsidian Sea are the best band i have heard from there so far, even though its early days for the band and this is just a promo disc, the quality of the sound and the high quality doom riffage contained within shows that this a band to keep a eye on in the future. The band came together with a love and passion for everything from Black Sabbath to Saint Vitus but the vibe also has a strong Celtic Frost/Hellhammer element to it. I always thought Frost had more to do with Doom Metal that they ever got credit for and here is another band showing how much influence they had on the Doom Metal underground. The lyrics and concepts move around esoteric mysteries and legends of ancient times and the sound of the band is also very deeply rooted in the old school.

The first track “Beneath” is a perfect blend of Saint Vitus plodding riffing and Celtic Frost’s dark mid-tempo chugging. The atmosphere is also very dark and sinister, hardly original of course but the way the song is executed pretty much sounds like a homage to the doom greats from the last 25 years. Along with a clean, driving guitar sound you also have some huge cannon-like drum pounding, almost like they are using the floor tom instead of a snare drum at times, this induces a very big sound. After the driving section is over, the creepy riff work kicks in and the vocals match the morbid atmosphere. The voice sounds very much like a cross between Scott Reagers and early Tom Warrior as he was known as in the early Celtic Frost days. “The Seraph” continues in the same vein, a churning riff that at times swaggers and struts is the key to this track and it works but its a rather recycled approach. The recycling of such a great timeless sound and approach is not a bad thing though, especially when the riffs are so good and Obsidian Sea do deliver some killer riffs on this promo. There is also some great lead breaks that come in and out the song usually in a wailing style. Most important though is the tune has a infectious mid-tempo rhythm so its a very easy tune to take in and basically get your rocks off to. “The Seraph” is a great tune and a highlight on the promo.

Track three is “Flaming Sword” and they up the Doom vibe here to a monster level of Reverend Bizarre styled creepiness and depressive atmospheric elements. Slowly building but always gaining in intensity, the nine minutes of “Flaming Sword” never gets stuck in a plodding quagmire. The mid-tempo change around 7 minutes in is hair raising stuff, especially the melodic lead section that adds a medi-evil theme to the song in its dying stages. The final track is titled “Curse Of The Watcher” and is maybe the most concise piece of song-writing out of the four tracks. Take special note of twisting tempo riff change halfway through, it may sound odd at first but there is something purely majestic about it. I found myself going back to just that bit over and over again, brilliant stuff indeed. Being such a new band, i get the feeling listening to this that they haven’t quite figured out their style just yet but the four tracks here show huge potential for the future. The production on the promo is raw but very big and the riffs are dynamic in their depressive, gloomy style. They have a brand new Myspace page so give them some time to add some information and more details on the band and they also have a official website that is also still in the construction stage by the looks of it. Obsidian Sea is another band high on the list of great new bands of 2010, still unsigned as far as i am aware so all you labels take note, check them out. Promising Doom from Bulgaria. 8/10



Posted July 25, 2010 by doommantia in Obsidian Sea

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