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Krief de Soli are a ambient Funeral Doom one man band from Canada. Egregoir de Sang handles all the instruments and vocals but apart from the songs on the Myspace site, i know very little about the project. Luckily Aleks Evdokimov from Russia is here again to save the day with another great interview, reading this has really made me want to hear more from Krief de Soli. Check it out.

-Salute Egregoir! It’s really hard to invent bloody original questions for an interview with band if there’s no any info about it! So what are the reasons for such secrecy? There is no info in “Procul Este, Profani” CD’s booklet, there’s no info in your Krief De Soli MySpace profile. It looks too pompous, man – don’t you think?
-Salut à tous, Aleks!
In my opinion to possess the characteristic aspect such as “pompous” or whatever else, something should exist before and if you say that there is no info about my project, how may it look as some kind of “pompousness”?
I don’t think so. Moreover, I am proposing Krief de Soli, not the story of de Sang’ kin life. Gennady (Endless Winter Productions) wrote quite fair words on his website, which are more than enough to know about me… the rest is possible to know through Krief de Soli’s subject by listening at least. However, you had contacted me and we’re having this dialog now – it is discrediting the mentioned “secrecy”, isn’t it?

-Well, I guess that you’re right! So do you differentiate your true personality, Egregoir de Sang, and the man who stand behind Krief de Soli?
-Of course I do, but I’m not suffering from the dual personality, you can be sure. 

-Of course we are interested not in what you are eating right now or what is the name of your cat but what do potential listeners of Krief De Soli have to know about you and your project? And… well… do you have any home pet indeed?
-Krief de Soli was born in a small town called Sainte Agathe des Monts in Quebec. There I am the owner of a small studio where “Procul este, profani” was recorded. The project’s birth reason first of all was music; the slowest, tragic, depressing atmosphere and cold movements which will draw in one’s mind some savage landscapes… The further understanding depends only on that one’s perception and ability to analyze as well as to infer…
And btw, yes, I have a male Labrador, his name is Pierce.

-You have the studio, so I can suppose that you recorded there not only your own CD “Procul Este, Profani”. Do you work there with other bands? Though if you live in a small town as you say it could be quite difficult to find some underground bands there… What are the good sides of living in Sainte Agathe?
-No, I didn’t record there anybody and there any plan to do so in the nearest future. I built it a few years ago with a single thought about KdS, so I did it monopurposely. As long as I am loosing the interest in doing something in monotonous manner, so I would use your idea at the first available moment in far future… but it is really hard to find some underground bands in my hometown…
Sainte Agathe des Monts has quite a lot of things to see and enjoy, including the beautiful Saranac Lake. It is very attractive in the Fall… but, objectively, it is an ordinary provincial town, not far from Montreal, with an interesting history and very kind people.

 -How it happened that the first Krief De Soli album appeared in January 2010 at Russian label Endless Winter? I still can’t get accustomed when foreign bands go to Russian labels, does a percentage of trust to Russia grow in Canada?
-I can imagine that this question had been waiting for me regardless of label’s home country where my album would be released in.
The story about how I was trapped to Endless Winter and how I did communicate with Gennady is simple: I was looking for a label in the Fall 2009 and had paid quite a lot of attention to Russian side. I wrote to Endless Winter also, which was the beginner-label for that time and immediately got an answer. Gennady had asked me for a demo, I sent it to him and soon I’ve got a reply with an offer to issue the available material as a full-length album. His offer was the best; material was ready and there was no any obstacle on the way to release it.
The reason of such movements is not in trust to Russia or vice versa – the reason is Russia itself. It is unique and attractive for the people, who were all this time behind the Iron Curtain.
I know very well (unfortunately not personally) bands Comatose Vigil and Abstract Spirit, which are from your country. They are writing a very good stuff possessing a special uniqueness that nobody in the world has.

-Ok, you released “Procul Este, Profani” this year and I would like to say that music in itself is good, it’s normal if someone will remember Skepticism listening this album and the questions of musical influences are unnecessary, though I want to ask you: from where did you take this Christian “mass” fragments and parties of organ? Do you like religious music?
-No side fragments were used in “Procul Este, profani”. Everything had been composed and played only by me. However, I cannot disclaim the fact that by introducing an organ (I think we both know that we are speaking about the synthesized organ, right?) in my music I will attract the comparison with somebody else, who had used it once before. I know and adore Skepticism; they had an influence on me, but not-so-much-to-say that the using of organ was inspired by them.
Yes, I like religious music, but the question should be clarified: religious music which is Bach, Wagner (their oratories and etc) or that religious music which you are not able to buy at any regular music store? The music which only bears the religious context is an exception. I prefer all, in each of them you can find something interesting and fascinating, therewith inspiring. I’m trying to create something in between, possessing the characteristics of both sides.

-But the music was always some kind of ritual though now most of musicians do not know which forces they drive with their tunes, don’t you think about Krief de Soli from this point of view?
-Hm… Really good question… As long as we all are different and so different are our feelings, including feeling perception, everybody will understand the current situation in different way than somebody else. I cannot fully be sure, but I should say that I know which plug I’m pushing. Otherwise, I would not receive my inner feedback and KdS had not been in that shape as it exists now. Obviously, the next work should be the first manifestation of the path I have chosen.

-You used photos of some graveyard decorating “Procul Este, Profani”. What is this cemetery? Why did you take these photos? Don’t you think that such tendencies are orthodox and unoriginal from middle of 90es?
-I think that won’t be very good to mention directly where when and by whom the pictures which decorate the booklet had been taken, but sure any copyright has not been broken. If somebody will recognize the place, well it will be as a tribute to memory, if not so let it be unknown. In any case, pictures represent the purport which I embedded into the music very precisely.

-I am not sure but it seems that there is a photo of Saint John’s sculpture in the layout too and anyway your songs’ lyrics were taken from his “Revelation”. Chapters of Catholic Bible are same as in Orthodox, so the lyrics first two songs are a strange choice, man. It’s a part of “addresses” to Churches. Why did you take these chapters?
-No, there is no sculpture of St. John in the booklet.
Let me clarify, that there is a one traditional view of The Holy Bible among the other interpretations. The Book of Revelation was written by John the Apostle while he had been exiled on Patmos. Any other differences come from different misinterpretations of the original text and sense.
Yes, you’re right in the direction of thought: in the original text the first part is just a prologue, and two further chapters are dedicated to “Seven Churches”. That’s why the text of “Mei Oculi…” based on self-introduction of the writer himself and explanation of who is speaking with him. “The Word of God” is mentioned and established for the first time. Then, second song partially reflects the addressing to the Churches being stopped at the Pergamon: the Satan is mentioned for the first time by “[2:13] I know where you dwell, where the seat of Satan is, and that you hold to my name and have not denied my faith…” and in my point of view, the first curve at which I was needed to stop the story was reached. Logically, you can catch on mind that the story hasn’t been finished… what is just the question of further work.

-What did you want to express as you took encoded Bible lyrics for your songs?
-…to set the parallel between the occurrence described in these chapters and the present being of humanity. No prediction, but prevention…

-You know that there is a lot of interpretations of The Book of Revelation because it’s thrilling writings, and most of readers remember these apocalyptic visions, the beast, the scarlet whore and same stuff but rarely tries to understand what lies in other chapters – in such which you used in your songs for example. There are a lot of riddles in Bible and there’s no key to some of them in the Testaments indeed. Don’t you think that it could be hidden in some another sources? Parallels between Bible’s story and modern days are intelligible but parallels between Bibl? and Bhagavath Ghita’s teachings for example or some Indian sacred writings are most useful, they simply help to understand.
-Theoretically, everything is not deprived of the right to exist. I have to say that everything is more or less bound between each other, even though these units are completely incompatible. Exactly a few theories exist in that direction and a lot of agreements have been evidenced for now, but the contemporary Church won’t allow these facts to spread out…
…it was the aim from the very beginning. The process of our creation was only one, but the numbers of stories told are a lot…
I don’t really want to go deeper in this speculation now… It is something, what you should think alone with only your own thoughts and arguments.

-These lyrics are the part of your songs therefore there’s another logical question: how does the lyrics supplement your music? How do they fulfill each other?
-We can spend tons of paper describing the impression and understanding of the whole Apocalypse. We can argue for hours about the interpretation of one or another phrase.
One famous person have said once: “When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense; therefore, take every word at its primary, ordinary, usual, literal meaning unless the facts of the immediate context studied in the light of related passages and axiomatic as well as fundamental truths indicate clearly otherwise.”

-What is your conception of God?
-I forbore to answer on this question; don’t feel insulted.

-You hang in Quebec and I know that dudes from Longing for Dawn hang there too; there is also Menace Ruine as I know, and do you communicate with other doom musicians?
-No, I don’t. A few times I have seen both bands on the stage, but did not communicate with them. There are a lot of other good bands from Quebec; the majority is from Montreal or from outskirts (as I am). However, funeral doom isn’t widespread here, more and more modern styles becoming popular, a lot of new and old black metal bands.

-Which good bands would you like to mention?
-The first, what comes on mind…? Misere Luminis (Gris et Sombre Forêts), Forteresse, Unexpect.

-What is modern Canada like now? It always seems like silent place but there was G8 summit two months ago. How do you think was it useful for the country? Was it useful at all?
-Canada is growing up with every year in all directions… except spiritual. This is very sad. More and more industrial areas replace natural scenery, but still Canada remains to be the country with smallest density of inhabitants per square unit and Quebec is the first proof of it: most population is concentrated to the south and south-east (Montreal, Quebec city, Sherbrook), while north territories are feebly occupied or mostly unoccupied with very beautiful and untouched nature landscapes. That is real “silent place” for body and spirit…
I don’t like politics and don’t follow its events, as well as don’t care about G8, sorry.

-I have to ask you about your future plans because I really want to get next Krief De Soli CD. Do you already plan to record another album? What will it be about, man?
-I have just finished new material and if everything will go well, the record session will be started in the Fall 2010. We have to discuss with Gennady some aspects, but I’m quite sure that the next album will be released at Endless Winter. Album is called “Munus Solitudinis”. The name means “crafted alone”. It is about the monolith of our life which we have to build… I would say that there will not be so much religious context as I had put into the previous one, but darker and more ominous by all means… The plans are great and immediately after, the further work on preparing the continuation of the Book of Revelation based story will be started.

-Does it mean that you will base future releases on New Testament once again? Truly to say I think that it’s strange: saying about “loneliness” (“Krief de Soli”, “Munus Solitudnis”) comparing funeral doom or another underground musical genre we could say about standard “human” solitude, but saying about solitude considering Christianity we say about state of lack of God in human life. What do you think?
-Oh yes, for sure I will.
The second question is quite opaque… I’m touching the topic of solitude because it is very close to me and to my being. Frankly saying, religious component in my being is sufficient and I had dared to base the lyrics of my first album on the Holy Scripture… No way to speak about the lacks neither in my surroundings, nor inside. However, I’m doing everything alone and it fits the conception too as the most simple and unsophisticated approach. We may agree on this variant of conception from now just to cancel a few other unclear moments…   

-That’s all for this time! Thank you for the answers; hope to hear about Krief de Soli soon. Do you want something to add?
-I appreciated this nice conversation with you and I want to thank you for the interest in what I’m doing and, mainly, for your support! The best of luck in your work!
Take care, my friend.
Interview By Aleks Evdokimov ( )
Krief De Soli at Myspace
Endless Winter


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