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Needless to say that over the course of two outstanding demos, Sabre has established themselves as one of the most exciting bands in the Doom, Sludge Metal underground with their flawless songwriting skills and blend of abrasive Doom/Sludge Metal with elements of aggressive hardcore. This self-titled full length is  available for pre-order but is also already doing the rounds on various download sites and already creating a buzz. The throbbing, distorted cosmic buzz that begins  “Astral Convergence” is heavy enough in itself but the following gargantuan riff that comes next is even more pummeling and vicious. This is a ugly brand of doom right here, caustic and nasty with a sound designed to shake bones and crack skulls, i hate to say that overused word in metal, “brutal” but yes this is “brutal”. There is not much to explain here, this is a churning beast of a track that really just plays out as a intro piece to the rest of the savage onslaught that is about to unfold.

“Unearthly Body” is a two and a bit minute Sludge-Metal fest with horrific barraging riffing and low-ended sonic notes blended with aggressive shouting hardcore vocals. “Condescension” has a dirty chugging feel to the guitar work and for a while, its approaching something a bit more traditional, that is of course till the hollering vocals make their presence felt and that is one of the keys that sets the band apart from most other bands in the genre. They never just merely plod along, there is a hell of a lot of mid-tempo stomping metal  here but played with a sound to destroy sub-woofers everywhere. “Black Water” is some real filthy Doom Metal especially during the opening riff which gives you the chills. The machine-gun like intensity of the mid-tempo grinding passage that makes its entrance two minutes in is exciting stuff, the ability this band has in keeping things interesting is a pure talent. The songs all have a raw energy about them while remaining firmly within the Doom Metal spectrum and thus creates a style of Doom you can really head-bang to while still giving you that emotional pull that all good Doom Metal gives.

Another track to destroy is “Josiah”, the hardcore element shines through in this track too. This is closer to Discharge or Extreme Noise Terror than lets say Electric Wizard or Saint Vitus but that bottom ended sound is total doom all the way. If Sludge metal is a form of Heavy Metal music that is generally regarded as a fusion of the Doom Metal and Hardcore Punk genres then Sabre not only have perfected the blend but are taking it to its logical ultimate conclusion. The longest track and perhaps the most twisted is “Automaton”. The opening few  minutes combines spoken word with a depressing doom/drone ambiance and it just becomes more downtrodden and bleak as the song progresses. “Whore Instincts Defined” begins with a unexpected clean guitar before launching head-long into another swampy dirge-filled monster, more tempo changes, more angry hollering and ugly guitar sounds, in other words, another successful Sabre tune. In conclusion this is Sludge Metal perfected and should be mentally bookmarked by everyone with a taste for the genre, there is also some monster riffs of Doom but the hardcore element gives Sabre a uniqueness that should push them to the next level of consciousness within the mind-set of Heavy music fans everywhere. Yes its ugly stuff but it also displays a level of perfectionism that is only very rarely heard with the Sludge/Doom genre. Make sure you pick up a copy of this, its essential. 9/10 


Posted August 8, 2010 by doommantia in Sabre

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