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Lord Of Doubts from Russia play Doom Metal, not Goth-Doom or Death-Doom, real fricken Doom but wait they are from Russia who’s Doom Metal bands are usually in the mold of My Dying Bride. I hear screams of delight coming from Doom fans everywhere with this unprecendented turn of events. Aleks Evdokimov caught up with Art (guitar/vocals) for this interview……..Enjoy and Doom On!!!

Q: Salute comrade! I’m asking myself is it necessary to ask how Lord of Doubts was started and why did you decided to play this sinister doom? What do you think – do such questions make any sense? What do we firstly need to know about your band?
A: Hails! Well, they make sense when people ask them for the first time. But when they’re being repeated over and over again it’s boring. If such thing will occur I don’t think I would answer all these band’s origin-related questions.
The first and the most important thing you need to know is that we play Doom Metal. It was 2008 and I just wanted to play Doom Metal in its original way. I didn’t see any other Russian bands of such kind so I started this band.

Q: There’s a good tradition here in Russia: if you want to play doom then you must play death-doom! And it’s better for you to record cover-version of one of My Dying Bride’s song. Man, don’t you like death doom at all or there’s something bigger behind band’s conception for you?
A: First of all I believe that Death-Doom is played by the bands like NECRO SCHIZMA, WINTER, diSEMBOWELMENT, RUSSIAN WINTER (RUSSKAYA ZIMA), etc. That’s Death-Doom. I don’t know how to call the music those Russian bands play. Probably “goth”, “sorrow” or whatever Doom. Anyway, I never had any interest in this sub-genre.

Q: As I know Lord Of Doubt’s drummer V.M. (Vladimir Muchnov) played in a couple of “big” bands before – Catharsis and Ens Cogitans are just two to be mentioned. How did you find such skilled guy? And were there any problems to find good musicians to play in the band of such unpopular genre?
A: There is always a problem with musicians when we talk about Doom Metal. No one seems to like true Doom Metal. Even less people are eager to play it. When I started to search for a band members I was lucky enough to have V.M. responded me. He contacted me and offered to play drums for LORD OF DOUBTS. Since he liked Doom Metal and he was a very experienced drummer he immediately became the part of the band.

Q: It’s obvious that each new band is condemned to be compared with some old bands. And of course you know that Electric Wizard is the first band about which listener of Lord of Doubt will think if he would listened your CD. Were you waiting of such comparisons? Did you try to keep your band a bit aside from some certain influences?
A: Well, yes I was prepared that everyone would be pointing out our similarity to ELECTRIC WIZARD. Maybe it’s a bit annoying but I don’t give a fuck.
You may try to keep the band’s direction in the way you want but there are really too many complications. It’s hard to be original since there are so fuckin’ many bands out there. We don’t want to be ELECTRIC WIZARD. We have our own path.

Q: Okey, so you know where you want to go and it seems that you know which way to choose. So what is this way? How do you see your music in ideal conditions – what are ideal conditions to compose and record such music?
A: It’s a bit early to talk about it. I don’t know if we’re going to progress or regress. But it would be Doom Metal anyway. The ideal is unreachable and I can’t even see it right now. I think it will be definitely not what the first album was like. It’s going to be much darker and heavier, that’s for sure.

Q: Your MySpace profile is very laconic; there are only three words besides nick-names of Lord of Doubts’ members: Doom, Satan and Dope. How do these three ones manifest themselves in your life?
A: These are what inspire me on my way through this existence and within LORD OF DOUBTS. It’s quite obvious. I don’t think there should be any clarifications.

Q: But man – this question is about “Satan”. Correct me if I’m wrong but modern “satanic” way is quite simple – “do that thou wilt” and same stuff, you just indulge to your weakness and desires. I do not see something specific in that way – it’s the way of modern humankind, though we can add some “satanic” attributes here: reading of Crowley for example or wearing of some specific signs…
A: There is no such thing as “modern satanic way”. The world is not binary. There are million different ways and points of view on every subject (and on this particular one). What humanity represents today has nothing to do with Satan. It is all about the Demiurge, who is a master of this “reality”. It is his world. But Lucifer gave to man the Light of Knowledge. Keys to break the cosmic order. Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” is about breaking this order, dethroning the Demiurge and transcending the universe.

Q: Your CD’s design is “evil”, your label is “evil” and your music is… well it’s not evil but sinister at least… How has this conception tied to your vision of Lord of Doubts?
A: This conception is close to what LORD OF DOUBTS represents. It’s far from perfection but it’s pretty much ending up that way.

Q: And how do you think that drive some underground musicians to play in “sinister” ways – is it natural to human kind from your point of view? For if you ask me this then I would answer “Not”. Don’t you think that it’s some kind of deviance reflecting through a music?
A: Yeah, it’s probably unnatural. I can hardly imagine myself being what an “average person” is. I believe in what I make. That’s the only reason why I’m here.

Q: There is communion of “deviant” musicians here – Dirgenera. And some of your doom-colleagues (Evil Cosmonaut and Without God) are in this clan. But as I know Lord of Doubts do not be in any “club”. Why, man? Isn’t easier to spread the Word of Doom when you’re in a brotherhood?
A: I don’t know if it’s easier or not. I don’t socialize much with the Russian underground scene. We’re satisfied with work that Sekt Ov Gnozis does and I think that’s enough for now.

Q: Is it a reason why Lord of Doubts does not play gigs?
A: No. There are some difficulties of other kind. So there will be no gigs in the near future.

Q: How do you think – what are main differences between Russian and Western doom-scene? It seems that you try to keep yourself aside from our doomsters as I’ve said it before…
A: Russia always had its own way. Most of the time it only makes things worse. I don’t know where the problem is. But that’s the way it goes. The only solution is to be out of the crowd, I guess.

Q: You’re the author of Lord of Doubts music and lyrics. What are strong sides of your album from your point of view?
A: I really don’t know. That’s what our listeners should tell. I always try to focus on riffs and the whole atmosphere of our music. But I’m not the one who has to decide if they are strong or not.

Q: It’s funny but we’re just circling around this theme, comrade: I read only two reviews of your album – Russian review was neutral or even worse and author told about lack of imaginativeness (though it’s strange for me as I observe our doom-scene) but Western review was positive, there was only one real advise – “to break out of the Electric Wizard mould”. What do you think about this situation?
A: I’m not really disappointed with this Russian review. I’ve already known what they could write about us. As well as some of the attitudes towards us in the Russian underground scene. I believe some of them hate us. That’s good. Hatred is good.

Q: Is it difficult to keep a balance between “dirty” and “normal” sound of guitars? Because you know if a sound is too dirty then it can smell as demo-shit from deepest underground, but if a sound is too clear then you could be sentenced too because it’s not “true and evil” for someone.
A: The aim was to make guitars sound heavy. It wasn’t like for the balance sake or anything. Some people think we sound too clean or too dirty? Well, fuck ’em. We don’t play for everyone.

Q: There’s a song “Heavier Than Universe” into your CD, I like this song and I have one tricky question: which band is heavier than Lord of Doubts from your point of view?
A: There are a lot of bands out there which are heavier than us. For example BLACK SABBATH is still heavier than every shitty nowadays metal band. When they started they were probably the heaviest band in the whole world. Just play the first song from their first album and you’ll hear it. The heaviest riff and the heaviest bass line ever. It’s 40 years since it has been recorded, but BLACK SABBATH still beat the majority of the bands.

Q: What is song “Take Me There” about and where did you find this sample for it’s intro?
A: Well, I believe that lyrics should be interpreted by listener and not by author. I don’t have to explain their meanings. Everyone sees what they want to see. But anyway, I suppose it’s about escaping from reality. Sometimes through drugs.
That sample you hear in the beginning of the song is from “Forbidden Planet”.

Q: Let us suppose that Doom Metal is a cult, which offerings would it demand?
A: Devotion. That’s it.

Q: I know that you’re already preparing new material for next CD and drums have been recorded already. Where do you hurry, man? I like your first CD and I’m sure that you know well about it’s strong sides but don’t you want to wait with new release?
A: Those songs have been in a drawer for a long time. It has been almost one year since the first recording session. Plus, we don’t know when the label will be able to release our next piece. So we don’t really haste.

Q: And there’s a more important question: through which label do you aim to produce next CD? Did Sekt of Gnozis already promise you their help?
A: Yes, they did.

Q: Well, that’s all for this time. Thank you for answers, comrade. What would you like to say for our readers?
A: Thanks for the interview, Aleks. Doom on!

Interview Conducted By Alex Evdokimov (metallibrary.ru)


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