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In an interview done earlier on Doommantia by fellow writer in Doom A.J Djalali, Dirty Woman describe their sound as follows: “the band and this new album have the spirit of the seventies hard rock mixed with groove and strong rock-metal riffs.” And asked about the specific value that Dirty Woman brings into the field of stoner music, they answer: “You know, ‘Demon Lover’ is not postmodern avant-garde stuff, so, you can find a rock band with well-defined heavy riffs and a variety of stoner atmospheres from blues to metal.” I can agree with that wholeheartedly.
 It’s kind of arbitrary where you’ll start the album actually. After searching for the above picture and rereading Dirty Woman’s interview on Doommantia, I landed at track number four – To Invade The Sky. The song rocks from beginning to end with indeed fine riffing and fine sing-along lines. Master Of Draconians is slower and comes qua riffs close to Goatsnake maybe. The vocals are something to get used to. I remember hearing this album for the first time and I had my doubts about the vocals. But after more listens I don’t have my doubts about the vocals anymore. After hearing this album quite some times, I can say I really like the riffs. Nothing too difficult, but nothing boring either. One word about the artwork on their myspace: I love it. I know, it’s cheesy maybe, but I like a hot masturbating nun any time. So yeah, Dirty Woman’s sold their soul (Yes, I Sold My Soul, track 6), but who cares when all they do is deliver straight up heavy rock?

By the way, this is excellent music while you have stuff to do: writing, cleaning, driving, you name it. The music settles pleasantly in the background, and suddenly you’ll notice your head making that banging move it makes when hearing good music. Riding Free is another fine example of this Mexican flavored heavy rock these guys serve up, and I think it’s great that they deliberately place themselves in the stoner community: that way it’s easy for the band to describe and define their sound, and no hard questions asked by rock establishment’s serious writers of music. Demon Lover has a great riff, and by now I can imagine the drums heavier deployed on future releases. Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with the drums, but maybe the overall sound would win from more heavy drums on the foreground of their music. Demon Lover is a great song with addictive lines.

The thing I notice when listening to heavy rock and reviewing albums, is that you’ll actually have to buy in to the genre specifics. For example, if you don’t like laser guns and aliens, than watching science fiction movies is clearly not your favorite pastime. And when you don’t like guns and saloons, then don’t try any westerns. The same thing goes for music I think. Friends of mine don’t get the whole heavy rock thing, and I can imagine them shooting down a release like this one on its genre characteristics. I guess it’s just a question of aesthetics: to me, Black Sabbath’s music was a starting point rather than the be all end all sound of heavy rock. Sheer variations on a master theme – the fundamentals of heavy rock in general – and a clear reference to a certain sound doesn’t make this niche we like to call stoner music boring or repetitive, on the contrary. You’ll have to buy in to the fundamentals, and than maybe you’ll get it. Or you don’t.

Delivered To Evil, the last song on Demon Lover, has a great great solo and I skip to the beginning of the album. Crowned By Nothingness is heavy and fun, with a groovy structure and the hallmark sing-along refrain. Don’t shoot and Inner Circle Of Pain are good songs, and Circle Of Pain closes my circle, because I started this review with the next song, To Invade The Sky. To sum it up: nice album, nothing wrong with it at all and I can’t wait to see them live although I don’t see them coming anything near Europe in the immediate future unfortunately. When you’re in your favorite record store, be sure to check Dirty Woman out and decide whether this kind of rock ‘n roll is your thing. I think you’ll like it.

Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever
Dirty Woman Myspace


Posted August 13, 2010 by doommantia in Dirty Woman

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