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Alright its time for the annual once a year corporate rock review on Doommantia Dot Com and this one is a request from a few people looking for my opinion on the album but its also a chance for me to say a few things about Osbourne that have been on my mind for well over 20 years. Osbourne was of course the vocalist for Black Sabbath and therefore was and still is one of my favorite singers from the 70’s but the end of the 70’s also spelled the end for Ozzy in more ways than one. This will upset the loyal Ozzy fans out there but here we go. Osbourne’s solo career started good enough with the “Blizzard Of Oz” album, I say good enough because while its a decent album, its also severely over-rated by metal fans and some critics. “Diary Of A Madman” however saw Ozzy at the peak of his form, a metal classic of a album that sounds a little dated now but still remains the highlight of Ozzy’s career. When Randy Rhodes died, so did the quality of Osbourne’s recordings starting with the incredibly average “Bark At The Moon” and then his albums went on a steady nose-dive from that point on till they hit rock bottom with 2007’s “Black Rain” disaster. Now everybody knows Ozzy is not a gifted singer by any stretch of the imagination nor his he a talented musician as his contributions to all his albums have been very minimalist at best. He has always been only as good as the musicians around him so he has survived by having some very accomplished players in his band’s line-ups over the years, its just a pity his songs sucked so bad.

“Scream” is the first album of original material from Ozzy in more than 20 years to feature a guitarist other than Zakk Wylde so the expectation was that it may force Ozzy to create a new sound and hopefully record something to rival the classic “Black Sabbath” albums of the 70’s or that was the theory anyway. The sad part of this sorry tale is the addition of Greek guitarist Gus G has made virtually no change to the overall sound of Ozzy Osbourne, in fact at times you could swear it was still Wydle handling the guitar duties. As one reviewer wrote “If there was an award for most predictable metal artist, Osbourne would surely get it”. This album really is a perfect example as to why I hate most generic, corporate rock music. Its totally over processed, predictable, generic of everything Osbourne has ever done before and its boring. Ozzy’s increasing dependency on Autotune (which uses a phase vocoder to correct pitch in vocal and instrumental performances and is used to disguise off-key inaccuracies and mistakes) is more on show here than Osbourne’s actual singing voice. Now to the tepid song selection, starting with “Let It Die” which at least stomps along and has a decent groove, the drumming is very spectacular especially but once again, its predictable Ozzy material. “Let Me Hear You Scream” has some dandy guitar fills but not much else and is very bland. “Soul Sucker” has a kind of sludgy beginning and some chugging riffing halfway through but then falls to pieces. “Life Won’t Wait” sounds like the Ozzy band trying to do a kind of Led Zeppelin ballad and I have never liked any ballads from Ozzy before but this one is alright.

“Diggin’ Me Down” is the highlight of the album for me as it at least tries to re-create the epic feel that songs like “Diary Of A Madman” and “Revelation Mother Earth” had and is actually really good. The album though again falls into the s..t with the next track titled “Crucify” which is again typical and mundane Hard Rock. “Fearless” picks up the tempo but contains a annoying chorus and “Time” is another banal Ozzy ballad which makes me want to vomit, is Ozzy trying to create a Beach Boys vibe here, it sure as hell sounds like it and it truly blows chunks. “I Want It More” is on the thrashier side of things but maybe trying too hard to sound like Pantera or someone similar, it kind of rocks but the horrible processed sound destroys any real vibe the track might have. “Latimer’s Mercy” has interesting lyrics, the song I have heard is based on a true life story of a father who killed his child rather than have her continue to suffer from a particularly brutal form of cerebral palsy that left her in constant pain. The song however goes nowhere real fast and is totally forgettable musically speaking. The album closes with “I Love You All” which is thankfully short, again the song is forgettable. “Scream” is about as uninspired as you get in Heavy Metal and when you consider the only thing Ozzy has going for him is his recognizable voice, (and even that has been watered down due to the over-processing of his vocals) it leaves very little to get excited about.

Needless to say that some critics will praise the album, I haven’t read any reviews for the album myself as a burned copy lent to me was all I needed to reveal what I already expected anyway and that this is predictable mainstream fodder made for the masses of mall-metal kids and MTV watchers. Ozzy’s credibility was already on a terminal nose-dive way back in the 80’s and then to make matters worse he was reduced to nothing more than a cartoon-like figure mainly created by his wife, Sharon on The Osbournes TV reality show. Any hope for that credibility to be restored is now a lost cause and the “Scream” album confirms that. I just saw a recent interview with Ozzy and he said he had plans on doing another couple of albums before retiring, all I can say is please no more Ozzy, NO MORE!! Ozzy should do a reunion tour part two with the original Black Sabbath, end his career on a high note and leave us with the memories of classic days past and be done with it. The only positive comment to be made about the “Scream” album, is its better than “Black Rain” but that really isn’t saying much is it. 2/10


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3 responses to “Ozzy Osbourne – Scream ( A Review Request )

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  1. You are too kind Ed, seriously I would give this album a big fat 0. It is really lame.

  2. Well written review and totally accurate. Why big labels insist on peddling these dead beats with so much better music around is nothing but a sad reflection of the current music industry. Ozzy should have retire in 1982. This album is even worse than Judas Priest's Nostradumus album that came out and that was abysmal. Please retire with dignity and stop torturing else with this garbage.

  3. Ozzy is the only rocker that has stayed true to his music.he never changed over the years like alot of other bands have. And the scream album is interesting. So please dont knock a album that shows the darkside of ozzy. for someone who you reported that his music is died still has a very large fan base to this day.i saw him in concert on his scream tour this past week and he still rocks today as the day he started.

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