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Have you ever wanted to try LSD but have always been afraid to drop the magic tab? I might have found the solution, its a band from Ohio called Bibilic Blood. This is some truly f..ked up music but I mean that in a positive way, this album is literally like being a heavy acid trip and leaves your mind severely twisted even after just one spin of the disc. The band is a duo made up of Scott Stearns on drums/guitars and Suzy Psycho on bass and vocals and their style is heavily influenced by other LSD inspired Doom/Stoner/Sludge acts such as Nightstick, Saint Vitus and Acid King but with a sprinkling of the Melvins on the side. Scott Stearns has got a reputation for being prolific in his work of creating frightening sounds and imagery through music and “Pale Face Destroyer” is almost beyond music as we know it. There is not one genre of music that Bibilic Blood can be comfortably placed in and the music is almost beyond description, maybe I should just end the review right here but that wouldn’t be fair to a band as talented as this. Their music has always been downright ugly but its also futuristic like they are making something that is a new genre of music all of its own. The band’s roots are in Doom, Psychedelia and Sludge Metal but they certainly don’t conform to any of the usual musical blueprints of those genres.

“Ghost Moth” begins the album with a sludgy groove which doesn’t change throughout its duration and most of the track is driven by the lead work of Stearns that comes off sounding like a big acid-rock freak-out jam session. Meanwhile you have the hollering vocals of Suzy Psycho that adds a even more freaky element to the whole thing. Its sounds basic but at the same time, its not really. “Tourniquet” beats you around the head with a Sabbath inspired riff, sludgy bass grooves and atmospheric droning while Stearns once again treats the listener with more of his trademark acid-drenched solo work, you can almost taste the acid while listening to this album. Next is the first of two very deranged Neil Young covers, the first is their mutated version of the classic “Southern Man”, one of my personal favorite Neil Young songs. The way Bibilic Blood do it though in nothing short of scary, while they keep the original’s catchy vibe together, it is giving a severe dose of Doom as if you are listening to Neil jamming with Black Sabbath after way too many downers. “Cyborg Storm” is almost catchy while being a total sludge-infested dirge, the waves of sonic noise of course stop it from being too infectious but there is a element of commercialism in there somewhere, dig deep enough and I am sure you will see my point.

One of the better examples of the bands ugly and yet mesmerizing noise comes next in the form of the 7 minute “Nightmare Bitch”. The sound of the guitar is horrifying and its made even more repulsive to the ears via the use of samples and vocal effects. There is a appalling beauty to the horrendous doomed noise though and while its not classic Doom Metal, this track gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. “Eternal Soul” is another Sabbath influenced tune while “Wolf 359″ is a pure tormented sludge-fest blended with acid trip inspired freak-out sections. If this band had of been around in the middle of the late 60’s hippie area, they would have been considered gods by the counter-culture of the time but chances are would have been banned but the acid-junkies of the time would have ate this up like magic mushrooms.”Black Hole” follows in a similar vein before you get to the next Young cover “Love”. Confession time here, I don’t think I have ever heard the original so I have nothing to compare it to but if Young did write the original, I think he would find this version repulsive. Once again this is meant as a compliment I must point out, this track has some truly warped lead guitar work also.

“Anasazi Astronaut” returns the album back to the pure tortured Psychedelic Metal Doom fest that most of this album is before you get to the rather ambitious closing title track. Ambitious because they really stretch themselves on this one by bringing in different elements into the sound like the more straight-forward blues-rock inflections but at the end of the day, it still is another very eccentric, warped track and a excellent way to finish the album. To like this album and this band, you must have a taste for the strange, the experimental and a big craving for extreme Doom Metal. A drug habit would also be a big advantage in digging the album, needless to say its a acquired taste and it can be a challenging disc to get through especially as one track flows straight into the next so you get a feeling you are listening just to one long piece even though they are separate songs. I personally rate this album much higher than the previous release “Z Ha Doom” but the same basic lack of formula is still there, Bibilic Blood are one of the best crossover bands around today. They are a Doom, Sludge, Drone, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and 70’s Heavy Blues band all rolled into one very disturbed package. Its really hard putting a rating on “Pale Face Destroyer” and its even harder to recommend this album to everyone because some just wont get it at all but check it out, even if you hate it, it will be a experience you wont forget in a hurry. Brain damaging madness!!  8.5/10   


Posted August 16, 2010 by doommantia in Bibilic Blood

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  1. Ed, thanks a lot for the heads-up! I wasn't aware of a new album by this crazy band. I must say I enjoyed their previous album Zha-doom a lot. I can't wait to get the new album in my hands and see what changed (I hate myspace …).
    Actually I thought it was a trio, with that other guy from Fistula-Sollubi-Ultralord etc. (the cover of Zha-Doom album was so much recalling the Ultralord graphics …).

  2. Without the album in front of me, I think they were a trio on the previous album but are now basically a duo. I could be wrong as my memory is bad at the best of times. They are indeed crazy though, I dig them.

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