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Fall Of Empyrean from Tempe, Arizona play Death/Doom in the vein of Novembers Doom, My Dying Bride and Swallow The Sun but thankfully their music is a little more aggressive than those bands which gives them a sense of being more original than most of its European counterparts. Its been some 6 years between albums for the band and the tracks for this album were written and ready to go a long time ago, the reason for the delay was waiting for the right album deal to come along and it did eventually with the band signing to with Germany’s Grau Records. Hearing this album for the first time was interesting because I was curious to see how the band progressed with such a long break between recordings. The previous album called “A Darkness Remembered” was a album with great songs but in my opinion was marred by very average production. With this new album, the production woes of the past have been fixed as this is a well produced and mixed effort. The album begins with a 2 minute instrumental titled “Bereft” which immediately sets the mood and tone for the album. When the album gets in full swing with “Breathe Deep The Cinders”, you know what you are getting here, its Death Doom in the Euro tradition and therefore experienced listeners of the genre will find this predictable but it is enjoyable all the same.

“Breathe Deep The Cinders” is pretty typical of most of the album, slow and melancholic sections are regularly broken up with more aggressive moments with the vocals of Richard Medina shifting from growling to spoken word pieces. One of the standout tracks on the disc is “Vast But Desolate” where you can hear the band shifting from the slow and melancholic to passages of intense fury and even anger. This is of course something that is missing in a lot of other bands in the genre so its more than welcome here. The keyboard parts are used more as a instrument of mood rather than any sort of lead instrument and rarely stand out within the songs even though they are there. The heaviest track is left to last, titled “Catharsis” it starts off surprisingly fast and is very intense before fading out to gentle guitars and whispered vocals. There are also two slow and melancholic instrumental acoustic songs, “Anhedonia” (named the same as their debut album) and “Lifeless In My Arms”, these provide two pleasant breaks in the album. Elsewhere on the album, the only other track to stand out is called “Veins Split Wide” which shows the more melodic side of the band, strange for me to find a melodic track to be a highlight but in the case of this album, it just is.

There is not much I can say about this album, its nothing ground breaking or different really from the usual Death/Doom stuff that is already out there and the songs range from average by the numbers material to the really good but nothing rises above that. It is though a step-forward from 2004’s “A Darkness Remembered” album as it sees a progression in the band’s musical ability and big improvements in production values. The plus side also is the album has a good blend of the mellow to the aggressive which keeps you interest level up throughout its 45 minutes. Its a recording that is better than most in the Death/Doom genre and one worth checking out. 7/10

Fall of Empyrean
Fall of Empyrean @ MySpace
Grau Records


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