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I hate to say this but I think Domes Of Silence from the UK are one of the last great Stoner Rock/Metal bands, the genre has become very watered down and confused since the glory days of the early Kyuss and Fu Manchu albums. I mean what is Stoner Rock these days?, you tell me. Domes Of Silence have never recorded anything below a very good high standard, the band is very skilled musicians and they have always had a knack of producing great fuzzy rock that is also very infectious and that is what made the original Stoner/Desert Rock bands so great and so influential. This is their new 3 track EP titled “Hunter ST” which which is named after and about the author Hunter S. Thompson. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” is one of my favorite books of all time so I automatically was intrigued by this release. The line-up of Sean Parkin (vocals), Charles Lane (bass), Alex Lane (drums)and guitarist’s Carl Bickey and Richard Aitken play a fuzz out, slightly punky stripped down hard rock similar I guess you could say to Truckfighters and early Fu Manchu.

The title track and the first tune up is about as infectious as you can get within the genre these days, along with the great groove and hooks you also get the vocals of Sean Parkin which have a instant commercial appeal. Not that this is top 40 material but if the musical world wasn’t so screwed up this could be a radio hit. Second track titled “EJM” is more varied with a slower, more melodic start before it builds into a energetic rocker before again getting more mellow before its conclusion. Expertly played with a vibe of a timeless rock song, its another winner. The final track here is another killer, called “Nightbus” it has a punk rock meets fuzz rock vibe with the meaty rhythm section pumping throughout. A great headbanging track that is again very infectious. After just 10 or so minutes, the EP is over and done with but it immediately demands a replay and you will get many spins out of this fine EP. The UK has really been serving up the goods in recent years in the Stoner, Doom Metal scenes but they also have a endless array of incredible Hard Rock bands and I think that is where Domes Of Silence fit in, they will get the “Stoner Rock” tag of course but then again, who doesn’t these days. Another great release from them and in my opinion, one of the best groove based Hard Rock bands ever from the United Kingdom. Please give it a listen A.S.A.P.  9/10

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Posted August 17, 2010 by doommantia in Domes Of Silence

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  1. Nice review and nice site. I like reading your thoughts on the status of Stoner rock music nowadays – I have had similar thoughts which bring me back to old albums. I don't care too much about Them Crooked Vultures but thenk God for Brant Bjork – he is still doing it.
    Keep up the good work – I am sure to check you guys out.

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