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Sons Of God from Georgia are the first band I have ever come across that class themselves as Sludge Metal Gospel but don’t be alarmed its not all that Gospel but its certainly Christian and Sludge in the finest of Southern Sludge Metal Tradition. I must apologize to the band for the delay in reviewing this EP but I gave to a friend to listen to and he dug it so much, getting it back was like extracting teeth but anyway it made its way back to its rightful owner and here are my thoughts on this doom-laden 3 tracker. The Gospel element comes with Christian lyrics like The enemy thinks they’ll win / You better think again / They will all be bound / Christ’s name resounds! / Be strong in your faith / Look for attacks / Your great enemy / Cause God cares for you!- Hogtie the devil!! Musically this doom laden swampy band play with a wide range of influences from Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sleeping Giant to Goatsnake and Weedeater. Casting such a wide net makes for interesting but at the same time, crushing music and they deliver three great tunes here, all of them winners.

“On Our Way Home” comes barraging at you with pounding drums, thick bass and a vocalist that sounds like he is on a steady diet of rusty nails. The vocals could be within the Death Metal realm to some but for me I think of it more like raw hardcore punk hollering and its a perfect match for the music. The riffing is pretty straight-forward but its pretty infectious sing-along Sludge Metal with a hardcore edge. “Butcher’s Hollar” is much more doom-laden, not as up-tempo as the opening track but far more lethal in ominous intent. Its short, sweet and hits you between the eyes and knocks you out cold from sheer vigorous grooves. Then comes the title track “Hogtie’n The Devil” that bubbles along nicely with more stomping, infectious, headbanging riffs and instantly memorable vocals. The Southern Rock influence comes shining through mainly during lead breaks with the opening “On Our Way Home” being the more obvious example. This is a all too short EP to make any long term predictions about where this band are heading but this is a great little EP so now its time to wait for a full length from these dudes from Georgia and I hope that time is soon. Highly recommend you check out Sons Of God. 8/10


Posted August 17, 2010 by doommantia in Sons Of God

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