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Since forming in 2005, Bongripper from Chicago, Illinois have been like innovators of the Doom/Sludge Metal genre, they have used every element of the Doom Metal genre at one time or another as well churned out some of the most lethal Sludge Metal ever made, they have also made some of the most horrific sounding noise-rock ever created. The debut full-length “The Great Barrier Reefer” (just one 79 minute track) remains one of the greatest debut albums ever unleashed on the the unsuspecting ears of the doom/sludge metal community. They then follow that with some amazing releases like “Hippie Killer” and “Herion” in 2007 which was just one 76 minute monster. The eight part “Hate Ashbury” in 2008 and a collaboration album between Bongripper & Winters In Osaka titled “Meat Ditch” also released in 2008. Their experimenting ways have been a acquired taste to some but to the extreme doom fan, they are one of the most crushing examples of pure doom-laden terror to ever grace the earth. “Satan Worshipping Doom” with its amazing artwork(see above) is available in a double 12″ vinyl format but it is limited to 300 copies, luckily its also available as a digital download.

In the five years of being a band, Bongripper have progressed and refined their sound and the end result is “Satan Worshipping Doom” and its their best work yet. The first track titled “Hail” is deceptive in the way it builds a groove and brings in subtle variations, so sneaky are the changes that its easy not to notice whats happening at first, but this has always been a Bongripper trademark though and here its used to perfection. “Hail” begins with a killer groove and slowly builds with a sound that is nothing short of monolithic especially in one part where the distorted, beefy bass takes center stage. Over the course of 14 pulverizing minutes, “Hail” delivers in every conceivable way and is a quintessential Bongripper track. Next track is faster and more intense with more Death Metal elements and shock, horror its called “Satan”(see a concept here yet), despite the less than imaginative song-title, “Satan” delivers a mostly faster tune but one that is a blend of old-school Death, Stoner Metal grooves and Doom Metal crushing heaviness. The weakest track on the album for me but even the weakest moments on this album still destroy so I can’t complain much at all about track number two.

The next two tracks are the highlight of the album, as if the first half wasn’t killer enough. “Worship” and “Doom” display Bongripper at their best, “Worship” is a unrelenting doom masterpiece with 16 minutes of massive, chunky riffage. Utterly hypnotic and mesmerizing, “Worship” plods, churns and grinds along with Bongripper’s trademark variations. Using all their trademarks and sonically, brain-damaging effects, “Worship” is a masterstroke of a recording and a landmark piece of music within the Doom Metal genre, every doom musician needs to listen to this. There is hundred’s of long pieces of doom music written over the years but I don’t I have ever heard anything that flows as well as this superior slab of doom. The last track “Doom” starts with a earth-shattering rumble and proceeds tear your brain apart for 12 minutes. Not as mesmerizing as “Worship” but equally as heavy, this is doom for the “doom purist”. Like a lot of this album, it puts you in a trance-like state for a few minutes before scaring your mind with horrifying ambiance. More subtle, slowing changing variations build in the background that raises the devastating atmosphere to a spectacular conclusion.

This is the “essential” Bongripper recording and if this doesn’t take them to some new level even in the underground then all hope is lost really. From elements of Traditional Doom to Funeral Doom to some of the most harsh and ugly ambient dark noise ever produced, “Satan Worshipping Doom” is one of the most powerful and crushing doom albums released this year and as a instrumental piece, its simply the best thing ever made in Doom Metal. I know instrumental doom is rare but this a benchmark album for the style, I am begging you, support this band and buy the album. Hell, its only five dollars to download it from Bandcamp, it will be the best fiver you have ever spent. A monumental release from Bongripper. 9.5/10

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Bongripper @ Bandcamp
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  1. Awesome.

  2. Haha, I was just about to write about Bongripper :). Excellent album and great review!!

  3. Thanks and if you want to write a second review, I would love to published it. Its a great album so it deserves as many reviews as possible.

  4. Now this real DOOM and this is another killer review. This site continues to amaze and kill every other review site.

  5. Thanks Tony.

  6. Is that the full extended artwork? I guess I just have to get the vinyl now…

  7. Yes that is the full artwork on the vinyl version. Its almost worth getting just for that alone.

  8. CD Version out now on FERETRO RECORDS from Spain.

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