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Job is a one man Funeral Doom project from the creative vision of Cyrus Fisher and “A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge” is his first physical release on the ever amazing new Barren Meadows Recordings label. Some of you will know Job from the “Coram Deo” track which was featured on the Volume 4 sampler put out by the Doom Metal Alliance run by yours truly. This release is one 20 minute epic packaged in a very eye catching digipak. The epic approach to Funeral Doom and Sludge is not new to Fisher, he recorded “Nascentes Morimur” in 2008 which was also a 20 minute masterpiece. A couple of things set Job apart from the usual Funeral Doom bands that are out there, one is of course its a one man band as Cyrus handles all the instruments and all the vocals. The other important element is this a Christian Funeral Doom project and I hate that term “project” as it makes it sound like its not a serious piece of work which is quite obviously not the case here. The first striking thing about this is the quality of the recording itself, everything is clear and beautifully produced which is very different from most one-man bands who tend to hammer music out in make-shift studios without much thought for production or clarity in a recording.

Compared to the “Coram Deo” track, “A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge” seems to be a little sparse in its arrangement but this is a well thought move on Fisher’s part as it suits the mood that is being created here. The track starts out simple enough with a heavy riff but its not long before it starts building in atmosphere via keyboards and creepy vocals. The song adds another dimension with the use of stunning feedback and the creepy vocals give way to guttural growls. About at the halfway point in the song, a spoken prayer (in Indian I think) comes in with a strange delay effect that is kind of Psychedelic and hypnotic to a point. There is ambient drones and the most sparse of drum-work to add to the feeling of isolation and loneliness that the song is giving out by this stage in the track. The final section of the song is heavy on electronics, delay effects and ambiance so it loses some of its impact towards the end. The two main strong points of the song as I hear it is the use of feedback to create mood as opposed to just white-noise and the vocals which at times sound huge.

Its goes a little too long overall as the last few minutes seem a bit like a after-thought to me but the skills of this man at creating this music are exceptional. Its not the kind of track that is instantly digestible but it grows on you very quickly and after about 10 spins of the disc, I was hooked on the track. Cyrus Fisher is a amazing musician and songwriter and he deserves your support and in time I am sure people will start admiring his work. “A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge” is a big stepping stone for the future and the next release which I hope will be a full length could be the ground-breaker he needs to take Job to the next level. I highly recommend you purchase this disc from the Barren Meadows Website (click the link below). This is a engaging piece of work. 9/10

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  1. Great music from what I have heard, must check this one out too.

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