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Haha, yes, another review of Conan’s awesome Horseback Battle Hammer! Why? Because it’s that great! Reviewing an album like Horseback Battle Hammer is what the reviewing business is all about: sheer fun! (Both in writing and in the music).

According to my player, “Conan is caveman battle doom from the UK. They crush things.” The crushing is done by three gentlemen hailing from the United Kingdom. Consisting of four tracks with a total duration of 32,5 minutes, this album is all you can ask for: perfect length (not too short, not too long); beautiful artwork; crushing doom indeed; no pompous slogans or pretensions; just plain good music; and last but not least a band name and an artist name to be jealous of.

Imagine waking up and rolling out of your cave roughly somewhere in the Pliocene on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, the taste of meaty trilobites still on the back of your tongue. Checking up on the water supply of your herd of mammoths, you continue to the tundra wastelands to do some hunting – and Conan’s Horseback Battle Hammer would be the soundtrack to your doings.

The lowness of the guitar and bass brings back sweet memories of Sunn O))) and it makes me crave for more bands to tune their strings really (really) low. The singing is done in such a way that it actually supports the riffs instead of co-existing alongside of the music. The length of this album is, as mentioned before, perfect. I read a lot, and with most of the books I read I have a serious problem: they are too long, and the writer isn’t able to capture my attention for say four hundred pages. The same can be said about a lot of albums: the first thirty minutes are more than okay, but after that, your attention wanes.

With titles like Krull, Satsumo, Dying Giant and Sea Lord you can’t go wrong of course, and the drones and reverb keep you captivated from beginning to end. Although cavemen in style, the drums are very subtle in its own regard. It took me a while to notice this. So, to wrap it up, this release is heavy in every sense. I guess this would make my top ten of 2010 easily.

Horseback Battle Hammer is out on Throne Records and Aurora Borealis Records. I can’t wait to get my hands on the vinyl release out on Throne Records. I just checked their tour dates but unfortunately there are no future dates planned in the Netherlands, only shows in UK. I can only agree with what Ed wrote about this EP on the thirteenth of April this year: “Conan are a band that defy descriptions, talking about influences is also a unnecessary point of discussion. Conan stand tall by themselves and such reference points are useless when trying to describing a band that has as much sonic power as this.”
Buy this and be happy! 10/10

Conan @ Myspace

Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever


Posted August 22, 2010 by doommantia in Conan

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