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Fistula recording status now stands at 4 full length albums, 4 EP,s and they have appeared on no less than 7 split albums in 11 years, maybe its just me but it seems that as soon as one Fistula release begins to get a little stale they are on top of the situation with another release. These crazy mutha’s from Medina, Ohio have never really disappointed either, even their most average recordings have been nothing short of extraordinary. The last full length album for example titled “Burdened by Your Existence” was like having brain surgery with a jackhammer, if you have never heard it, please seek that one out. This EP titled “Goat” is based around Ohio serial killer Anthony Sowell who was charged with eighty-five counts of murder, rape, and kidnapping, he has pled not guilty by reason of insanity. The music of Fistula is a very fitting soundtrack to these monstrous allegations and it also includes samples of police statements and news bulletins concerning the crazed lunatic.

The five tracks on “Goat” are mostly slower than slow Sludge Metal but with the occasional bursts of hardcore thrash cleverly inserted at just the right time to keep you on the edge of your seat. “Ohio Death Toll Rising” begins with sonic intensity before returning to a sinister slow swampy grinding doom. The track is a toxic dose of vicious and violent sludge and a killer opener designed to crack your skull and it does just that over the course of 5 minutes. “One Chair And An Electrical Cord” is a thrashy kind of hardcore sludge that is as ugly and menacing as the song title suggests. They get remarkably slow and dirty on “The Ones That Got Away”, changing the vibe from the violent to the downright depressing. “So Far Sowell So What” is one of the EP’s highlights with a main riff that has more meat to it than a industrial slaughterhouse. To add to the suffocating atmosphere they have added samples of the victims relatives crying, this adds a very overpowering effect to the already brutal, emotionally draining tune.

The last track is “Mission Accomplished” with more sound bites from nightly news reports and a single, hypnotic riff used for ultimate effect. This EP comes to me as I have found myself obsessed with serial killers of late, the “Portraits Of Evil” double DVD has been on constant rotation in the last few weeks. I am not sure if the world needs to know about these assholes so much that we also need music to go along with these depressing events, after all Church Of Misery and other bands have worked the concept to death already. However, Fistula have delivered another killer (no pun intended) EP and it might sound strange to say but the 24 minute running time of this disc is really just enough, any longer and the concept and sonic intensity might lose its bite. This is gritty, filthy Sludge Metal played by a band that has all the instrumental expertise to make this a instant winner. 9/10
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Posted August 26, 2010 by doommantia in Fistula

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