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On paper, the collaboration between the never to be pigeonholed, Boris and The Cult’s Ian ‘Wolfchild’ Astbury seems like the work of a mad musical scientist. I have always been a big fan of Boris and their obsession with creating something new and different with each release and I have always liked Astbury’s voice although I have never been a fan of The Cult’s gonzo goth meets 70’s hard rock approach but believe me I have tried to get into them but The Cult never clicked with me. So I was nervous about what this EP might bring and to a certain degree, my apprehension was justified. Boris are obviously a band that doesn’t give a s..t about genres or what people expect of them so for them this strange collaboration is properly just another day in the life of a very eccentric band after all they have already teamed up in the past with Keiji Haino, Merzbow and Sunn O))). Maybe its a attempt from Boris to spread their music to a more mainstream rock audience and if that is their objective, then this EP should succeed at doing that.

Opening track “Teeth And Claws” is a solid blending of different genres starting off with big open chords before moving into more melodic, gentle passages. When Astbury’s vocal comes in, its not as predictable as one might first think, sure it still sounds like him but he gives a unique performance here. “We Are Witches” is less successful even although Boris deliver some down-tuned crunch that is more like what are used to hearing from the band, however it just sounds a little bland and lacks any real hooks to make this memorable. Astbury also delivers a fairly ordinary vocal take on the track compared with the others and overall “We Are Witches” comes off sounding sterile. The next track is the main highlight even though it still doesn’t sound that good to me. Its a cover of The Cult’s “Rain” this time sung by Boris guitarist Wata, the version is given a psychedelic overhaul with gritty guitar and a almost child-like vocal which adds a more ethereal vibe to the version of the song. The other track on here is “Magickal Child” where Boris return to one of their trademarks of sound and that is ambiance. The atmospheric track, while being alright seems to suggest that Boris are being restrained somewhat to accommodate Astbury’s vocal style. Personally I think this tune would have been much better left alone for a actual Boris album.

They have promised live shows and that should be interesting but this EP left me rather un-impressed. Astbury seems a little out of place in some of it while Boris give off a “going through the motions” kind of vibe. Now after having stigmatized the release with those comments, I am also sure some people will go ga-ga over this EP but for me I wish Boris would stick to what they do best and this isn’t it for me. 4/10
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Posted August 27, 2010 by doommantia in Boris

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  1. You hit all the bases with this review, great work. I am a huge Boris fan but this is their most disappointing recording yet. Lets hope they avoid these lame-brain collaborations in the future and stick to what they do best.

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