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Throne of the Void in the Hundred Petal Lotus just released a demo, and the above artwork can give you some idea of what to expect. Furthermore, their Myspace states as genres: Down-tempo / Psychedelic / Religious – and it is the religious part I am interested in the most. Why? Not because I’m religious, but because there are so little bands that choose to work within this genre. I think of Om, Orthodox maybe, but I can’t really name any other acts. Om is one of my all time favorites, because I have the feeling that their music has the goal to uplift your spirits, or to entrance you. So not only music for music’s sake (nothing wrong with that by the way), but also some semi religious feel to it that gives it just that little vibrating extra dimension of blissful riffing and calming musical structures. As a hardcore kid I loved 108, Shelter and the lot, so I can relate to ‘religion’ and music. And even on the back of my iPod I have engraved: Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit, (because I love Carl Gustav Jung, not because I’m religious).

The Demo consist of one long track, spanning 16 plus minutes. On their Myspace this track is divided into two parts: part 1 and part 2. What I like the most about this demo is that it can be enjoyed on two different levels. So, you can listen to this with the volume turned up very high, but you can also enjoy the track(s) on a more quiet level. With the volume up, you’ll notice the drones and the ‘loose’ structure of these riffs. This is perfect music to write to or read to, and the only minus is the production. With a clean production, this release could well be a 9 or even close to a 10. As I said before, there are not too many bands operating in this subniche of Doom. As always, Throne of the Void in the Hundred Petal Lotus’ Demo starts with a riff. This riff is the foundation for this formidable track, not unlike Sleep, Orthodox and Om. After ninety seconds the vocals kick in, and they follow the riffs nicely. 2:30 into this track the tempo slows down, and the bass and vocals get a more prominent place than in the intro. The bass drones its way towards some nice improvisation somewhere around six minutes. Then the mighty riff takes over once again, and the second part of this track has even more variety in tempo and riffs. Lingering, the music ends about where it started. I think this is a very balanced release: Throne of the Void in the Hundred Petal Lotus chose to blend all the elements of its music into one nice product, instead of giving the riff the spotlight, or the drones, or the exotic instruments.

Throne of the Void in the Hundred Petal Lotus is a three-piece from Providence, Rhode Island, with Indrayudh Shome on guitar and vocals, Nate Totushek on drums, and Matt Becker on bass. The name of the band is from a Bengali poem by the mystic of the Baul Lalon Fakir. The band is as yet unsigned and their demo is out on Concrete Lo-Fi Records.


Demo 2010: Demo Download Link
Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever


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