Doom Metal Front Zine #4 & Compilation Number 2   1 comment

Sven and the Doom Metal Front Zine are back with another compilation and another zine continuing their priceless contribution to the underground Doom Metal scene. This time around the compilation features bands from Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg released together with the downloadable “Doom Metal Front Zine #4”. As usual the quality band selection is incredible as the track-list shows, support the zine, download the compilation and discover some new bands.

Track list:
01 Alkerdeel – De Bollaf
02 Beyond Belief – God Forsaken
03 Faal – Perpetual Solitude
04 Heavy Lord – Serpento
05 Hooded Priest – Well worth the dig
06 Izah – Finite Horizon
07 Maudlin – I’ll cut – distant distortion
08 Merca – White Tongue
09 Morast – Tracking You Down (Alone With Your Fears)
10 Möse – Halfway To Nowhere – I Sleep With Demons
11 Officium Triste – No Hope
12 Ortega – Shipwrecked
13 Putrification – Shattered Vision
14 Santa Cruz – What is love (crystal meth boogie)
15 Sardonis – The Hollow
16 Sunneater ((O)) – Legion
17 Tekhton – Auric Revelations
18 The 11th Hour – In the Silent Grave
19 Toner Low – One

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Posted August 29, 2010 by doommantia in Doom Metal Front

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  1. Thanks a lot for posting and the kind words! In doom, Sven/DMF Zine

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