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Just like the album art suggests Sloath play barren type of primitive doom that some call anti-music, not that its not musical but this sub-genre derived from Doom Metal and Drone is the opposite of what so called “normal” is. Its devoid of catchy tempos or riffs, devoid of any standard vocal techniques but that is why its so damn good. Its like they made up their minds to bypass all trends in rock music and go for the most crippling, sickening, regressive music they can come up with. Despite being hated by many in the underground media, this genre of droning, doom ambiance is right up my alley and Sloath from the UK excel at a style while many others come off as being simply boring. Sloath are simple, meandering, monotonous, repetitive and only really have about two riffs per song but the riffs are so huge and thunderous, you don’t really need anymore. This is a album I can listen to all day and never get bored with despite the constant repetition. There is only three tracks on here ranging from 11 to 22 minutes so you better be prepared for a serious musical assault.

Basically what you hear in the first few minutes of opening track “Black Hole”, you continue to hear for the entire album even though different riffs come into play so reviewing each track is really a waste of my time and yours. The music they unleash here is pure downer-sludge, its sick, twisted and has a sound that is ridiculous in its heaviness. They have a sound to melt speakers with waves of distortion that push the levels of musical decency and while there is slight variations here and there, the intense atmosphere is suffocating. What is great is this is good headbanging shit, its not all noise and atmospheric indulgence that some bands get lost in. The main center-point to the band is the two guitar players but the crude drumming is also a prominent feature and then you have the vocals which are like the sound of someone being tortured to death, don’t ask me the meaning of the songs, I have no clue and it matters not a bit with music this powerful.

Sloath have already built a up a solid reputation as a live act playing shows with  Acid Mothers Temple, Burial Hex and Om and from all reports the reaction they get is either mind-blowing approval or total disgust for their obnoxious noise. Seeing this band live must be a amazing experience judging by the thunderous quality of this album and I also have a feeling they must have blown a few bands off the stage in the past if they pull off the same sonic intensity live as they do on this recording. Get yourself a copy of this if you still dig Sleep but you are looking for something heavier with a more of a psychedelic edge. Don’t let this band pass under your radar of doom, this kills. 9/10
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Album out on Riot Season


Posted August 31, 2010 by doommantia in Sloath

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  1. Beautiful chaos. It's so heavy it's one down-tuning away from being new age. Great stuff. Hyper simple, but crushing.

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