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Dissolving Of Prodigy from the Czech Republic has been flying under the radar of doom since the early 90’s despite a swag of good albums. They started their crusade of Doom Metal in a My Dying Bride vein using different elements like violins, flute, female vocals and a whole lot more. Since then they have brought in other elements that have seen them move into a more Pagan/Death Doom direction, their last release was a re-issue of their 1993 demo “Echoes of My Sadness”. Aleks Evdokimov ( metallibrary.ru ) scored this interview with guitarist Marek “Frodys” Pytlik.

Q: Salute Frodys! Salute Dissoving of Prodigy! Man, first of all I would like to thank you for this interview because it’s always great to discover such bands as yours though I’ve found you too late to my shame! Dissolving of Prodigy is a really old band – when did you join the band, man? What was the band’s state at that moment?
A: Greetings Aleks! I  must say thanks to you!It is great to do a interview for someone from another country who likes our music, metal and especially doom metal and we hope that we will find more pople like you and that DoP will have many fans around the world!
You´re right, DoP is very, very old band, first name of this band was Bigotry, after some years we took the name Dissolving of Prodigy it was a long process, many changes but every member, and many experiences helped to create DoP more a specific, strong band… I came to DoP after guitarst Paax quit the band, we have a same soundcheck room with my other band Ill Crow and i was (and still i am:-D) a big fan of DoP, so my story in DoP begins..

Q: What main developments in Dissolving of Prodigy creative life would you like to mention? What are a miles stones for you? Which events are the most remarkable ones for you since you’re in the band?
A: For me it was a great experience and success to play in UK with Pantheist and Gallileous, I love Britain especially London, so I was like in a Dream:-D It was really amazing and i must say thanks to Kostas and Paola, they are awesome people and they make our London concert unforgettable. Also I am really proud on our work with songs and stuff around the band like making T-Shirts and especially our poster. I don´t know if you saw it but the poster is really amazing.

A: Dissolving of Prodigy is 17 years old, it’s a long time for a doom band, 3 more years and you’re veterans of doom! How does it feel to play in such distinguished and old group? How can you appreciate this period of your life?
Before I came to DOP I was only fan, so to play with and be a part of this old band is great. I have many, many good and band experiences and I think that its the musician’s biggest gift, I think that experiences with bands, gigs and stuff around it are for musicians something needful. Years in many bands taught me to do things in my own way, create my original guitar sound and guitar style.

Q: It’s normal when band’s line up changes after a time but there were 20 musicians including the current line-up during the whole band’s life in Dissolving of Prodigy! Is there someone who played from the very beginning? And who did make the most significant contribution in band’s life?
A: Yeah:-D so many great people was in DoP, and I must say that everyone is unforgettable and we are still friends with ex members. Fusaty was a founding member and he is in band for now. He is the soul of this band….
It´s sad but right now we have some problems with the drummer and we are trying a new drummer, I hope that it would not have a effect on our concert activities, but we will see…

Q: Dissolving of Prodigy started as doom-death band – there were a lot of such bands in that time all over Europe, but you always are heading to a specific sound and finally we can say that you worked out something new on a base of well-known doom riffs and dark pagan metal. When did you turn your way from orthodox death-doom? How was it?
A: It was a long time ago, it was a evolution, something which must come, but our roots are in melancholic doom metal, this is our main mark.

Q: What did the band do during that long period since “Time Ruins Also Beauty” (1997) till “Loueení Se Svetem Pozemským” (2002)? Can you say that this album was a turning point for you?
A: Firstly we had to solve some personal changes, our line-up was changed two times in these years and the first problem was robbery in our soundcheck room, so it was a big problem becouse we were not so rich to buy another instruments.
LSSP was and also is very important for us because it was the first time to change English lyrics to Czech.

Q: The band also started to use Czech songs lyrics first time on “Loueení Se Svetem Pozemským” CD, how did it happened? It makes a very impressive combination with your music and it was great choice indeed! But it became harder to understand that you sing about – how can you comment your new lyrics? Who is it’s author?
A: Lyrics are for our music typical and very important, we trying to tell something with our songs, tell some story or life experience and change English lyrics to Czech was something what we simply MUST do and main author of our poetic lyrics is Fusaty.

Q: How did public react to “Loueení Se Svetem Pozemským”? I do not think that there could be any bad responses indeed and “Štvanice” (2008) was a logical step forward from this point in my opinion. How did you compose this new material?
A: We knew that LSSP will be very different in many ways that other our CDs. Many our fans thought that this is a right way to do our music but some people said that we don´t play doom metal any more. We accept it, it was our purpose.
We want to do extreme slow music, music much more about feelings, which is for our music main omen also we are trying to find harmony slowly”.
Songs on Štvanice was written continuously and this is similar for LSSP. Our writing process is very long and complicated every riff and every single word must be perfect .

Q: What does the album name mean and what is it about?
A: You can translate CD title in dictionary. Album is about life, our lyrics are about life experiences or some historical acts, historical roots and things like that. We trying to send in our songs some life experiences and life feelings.

Q: I must admit that with new original sound of Dissolving of Prodigy you get also special, non-traditional doom art-works for your CDs, who is an artist? What do you like the most about these pictures?
A: We trying to have our original sound,of course we have many inspirations but songs & lyrics and every part of our music has been the sound of Dissolving of Prodigy and I think that this sound doesn’t in any other band in the World.

Q: Since 2002 your music gets it’s own shape and… I would like to say “smell”: it smells with raw soil, with forests and old ages. Are there any other “smells” for you in it? 🙂
A: When I listen our songs I feel strong atmosphere, atmosphere full of sorrow and human experiences, when I listen our music I can imagine forests and nature beauty.

Q: Dissolving of Prodigy songs sound like medieval pagan hymns, what is your vision of your music? And can you clearly see it after your work in the studio – which parts of your songs are really your own and which ones you find familiar as if you heard them before?
A: As I say we trying to do things in our way, but we get many inspirations from other doom metal bands and death metal bands. Some people think that some parts of our songs are similar to My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost and others, I don´t think so, yeah these bands are really awesome but we are Dissolving of Prodigy and we have our sound and mainly our lyrics have great stories .

Q: You prepared the re-edition of your demo-album “Echoes of My Sadness”, was this release special for you? Was it really worth it to re-release? What will your listeners find there?
A: Yeah it is true, actually the re-edition is already out. And we are really proud on it. Completely remastered songs, with great sound makes CD fresh, and a bonus of two new songs “N?mý Motýl” (Voicless Butterfly) and “Píse? Dneštní Noci” (Tonight´s Song). It was really hard to write these two songs but they sound great.

Q: Tell us about Czech underground magazines and web-zines – did they supported the band in it’s early years? How do they work now?
A: I think that situation around underground metal music here in CR is no so bad, I must mention mansion magazine Pa?át, awesome magazine for everyone who loves extreme metal music and for band it is something great. And also I am very proud of the metal underground here in our City, Haví?ov, there are many bands and members from these bands that are good friends, for example we are sitting in Mu?irna (our favorite pub) talking about music, bands gigs etc. We have many metal festivals here.
Which is great for fans and also for bands.

Q: Of course I know about great plans of split-CD with Gallileous, Pantheist and Wijen Wij – what is the progress of this collaboration right now? Which songs did you record for this CD?
A: Right now we are in writing process but we will go to the studio really soon. Songs will be twelve minutes or more and it will be atmospheric and depressive songs with Czech lyrics. And the lyrics are great! Songs are about…..you will hear it!

Q: What is modern Czech Republic like now? For what do you like about your Fatherland? And do you feel proud for playing this music with Dissolving of Prodigy?
A: I think that trends are everywhere the same,doom metal is not so popular like in the past but I love fans with doom metal in their heart. Doom metal is something that you must have in your heart, you love it or you hate doom, I am proud that band like DoP with Czech lyrics can play for so many people around the world, it is very important for us to know that we have many fans in many countries.

Q: Frodys, you also take part in melodic black metal band III Crow. How did it happened that you appeared in that band? What do you do there?
A: That is true, actually I was in ill crow earlier than in DoP. Ill Crow is different band that DoP, I’m trying to do a different music because I like many music genres, I love Doom Metal,Death metal and also I like jazz, rock or deathcore. I also have a one man project bands for example Oakvyl which is my doom metal project, I am only on guitar, no drums no vocals, and also I have a progressive metal project called Amber.

Q: You release your first demo of Ill Crow “Into the Forgotten Spheres” not so long ago, it sounds very qualified as if you were going to record real full-length album. Where did you record it? As I understand you’re in the search of a label, right?
A: Yeah, we will release a new demo,with our new line-up, and also we changed music style, in the past we played folk black metal with flute but now we trying to play atmospheric and melodic black. And also we are looking for a label because right now we have many new songs which are great, or we think that they are better than old ones.

Q: Sometimes it seems that it’s hard to invent any new tunes in any metal-genre, but even I being not in the clan of black-metal fans could admit that you have few unusual turns in your songs: a flute into the track “Desolate” or prog passages in “Battlecry”. So you don’t to follow the rules, do you?
A: That is right we want compose in our music with some unusual things, and we really like it because in Ill Crow every single person is into another genre of metal, like folk, heavy metal and melo-death.

Q: It’s the last question for this time! Thank you and good luck, I hope that this interview help to spread the word about Czech doom and you are probably its best representatives :-). Do you want something to add?
A: We hope that Doom metal is not dead yet and that many people have doom metal in the heart. Once again thanks for everything and we hope that we will see you on our concert tour.
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Interview Conducted By Aleks Evdokimov


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