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I got sent this 3 track EP from Amadeus from Austrian Band Home and as Amadeus said in his original email “we are the band you simply can’t find with any search-engine”, and he is right, do a Google search for this band and see how far you get. Luckily we have a Myspace and a Facebook link for you at the bottom of this review. Best described as a mix of of sludge, psychedelic, hardcore and metal, Home are a hard band to pigeon hole as even these descriptions don’t really do the band justice, they are certainly a rare act. This promo EP is only 13 minutes long but its a enjoyable short and sweet barrage of bulldozing grooves and eccentric filthy hard rock.

Opening track “Emonoel” starts with some wicked grooves and some raw, tasty atmosphere that doesn’t quit for over 4 minutes. “Matt Demon” (funny title) starts where the last song ended. kicking ass. The drums are a little thin but the guitar and bass sound is real fat and chunky although the production on this EP lacks some much needed fine tuning. Third track “Dice Game” shows a more progressive edge and changes the approach slightly but what is unique is that each song uses similar techniques but in different doses, the result is each song has its own personal identity. While they are not a easy band is put a tag on, one thing for sure is this EP has a twisted yet great atmosphere and listeners in the USA should dig their American-styled sludgy rock grooves. Being just a short 3 song EP makes it hard to make any sort of predictions about Home but I am really looking forward to hearing what they do next. 7/10
Home @ Myspace
Home Facebook


Posted September 3, 2010 by doommantia in Home

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