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Capilla Ardiente are from Chile and is made up of Felipe Plaza and Claudio Botarro, who are now also both part of Procession, what is also interesting is that Botarro was part of that other great band from the region, Poema Arcanvs. You can make no mistake with musical tags here, Capilla Ardiente play trad-doom and they even have vocals that verge on the operatic giving them a real old-school traditional Heavy Metal sound. “Solve et Coagula” was recorded way back in March/April of 2009 but its only now getting spread around through the underground, the release which was originally just a CD/R has been picked up by High Roller Records and released on vinyl in 2 different formats, transparent gold vinyl and black vinyl but its just been released also by Eyes Like Snow Records on CD. The 24 minutes of “Solve Et Coagula” is made up of just two long tracks but they are two killers of classic doom that is maybe more straight Heavy Metal than Doom Metal depending on whatever your take on Doom Metal is. For me its mostly Traditional Doom Metal, 1980’s style.

The EP also has the distinction of having Alejandro Arce of Mar de Grises belting out some thunderous drumming and also Quincy Hevia supplying some really exciting lead guitar. That in combination with Felipe’s massive riffing and classic metal vocal style and Claudio’s sonic bass tones is simply majestic and unmerciful. Now there is nothing original here, the sound and style is straight from the textbook of Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Black Sabbath etc but its blended magnificently with influences that seem to come from early Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate and even Cirith Ungol. First track “Solve (part I: Materia Vvlgar, part II: Disolvción)” is the slower of the two tracks but very much still a head-banging track even if its slow head-nodding while the other track “Coagula (part III: Phoenicopervs, part IV: Coagvlación)” features more mid-tempo parts but still slows down for a gloomy slow chugging riff or two. Felipe’s vocals are striking but like I already mentioned operatic in a way so it may not be for everyone. Quincy Hevia delivers guitar work that is stunning but its spoiled a little by the bass-heavy production but the quality of the performance still shines through.

The overall vibe is slightly hypnotic but there is also some twists and turns to change the mood and it keeps it interesting. In case you are wondering “”Solve et Coagula” are the Latin words that appear on the arms of the mythological demon Baphomet while “Solve” means “dissolve”, while “Coagula” means “congeal”. “Capilla Ardiente” is a phrase in Spanish that means “burning chapel”. A full length album is planned for next year and if its anything like this, it should be great and a essential purchase. This is not reinventing anything but its carrying on a fine tradition of epic Doom Metal and classic Heavy Metal and its hard to pick any holes in it except for the obvious lack of originality and the average production but this is a great EP that you trad-doomsters should like. 8.5/10
Capilla Ardiente at MySpace
Capilla Ardiente @ High Roller Records


Posted September 6, 2010 by doommantia in Capilla Ardiente

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