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So what is all this then, Sheavy don’t released a album for 3 years and then bring out 2 killer slabs of Stoner Metal within 3 months. This isn’t some gigantic typo on my part, Sheavy have in fact recorded two albums just in the last few months and even more outstanding is they are both great. The last album released in late May of this year titled “The Golden Age Of Daredevils” was the result of something called the RPM challenge, which invites musicians to create a whole album of music within a set time-frame. This might explain the sudden activity from the Sheavy camp, where as this would send most bands into a panic, Sheavy have flown though with flying colors producing two of their best albums. I won’t give you a history lesson on the band, I did that just a couple of months ago when I reviewed the previous album but I will say again for the record this band from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada have been one of the more highly consistent bands of the last 15 years. The only misstep in my opinion was “Celestial Hi-Fi” released in 2000 on Rise Above Records and even that was still better than most other discs released around that time.

The first thing that becomes apparent when listening to “Disfigurine” for the first time is they seem to be moving away from their traditional Black Sabbath roots and into a more aggressive and metallic machine, it may have something to do with new guitarist Chris White coming into the band, he replaced the original guitarist Dan Moore in 2009. After the heavy drum-laden intro “In the Shadows of Vesuvius” which is a killer way to start any album, they launch into “Waking the Bloodbeast” and its classic old school metal all the way, catchy heavy rhythms, uptempo grooves, wailing solo’s and with Steve Hennessey trademark Ozzy-like vocals. As well as the band hitting up a more aggressive mood this time around, it also features the most thunderous drumming I have ever heard from Sheavy, its pulverizing and the sound is massive. The title track and especially “Echo In The Skull” are totally bad-ass examples of how “Stoner Metal” should be made and for those of you that think The Sword are the bees-knees at the moment, listen to this and you will soon forget The Sword even exist. Blending strong, infectious melodies with beefy riffs is nothing new but not many bands have this much propulsion in their fuzz-drenched songbook.

“Dead Since Birth” at track number 5 is the first time when the Sabbathian qualities of vintage Sheavy come in, its slow, doomy but with more of the irresistible guitar melodies. In true Sheavy style they mix it up with mid-tempo head nodding sections, they have never been a band to sit on one straight formula for a entire song and this album is maybe the most varied yet with a endless array of tasty tempo changes. “Clutching At Straws” has a twisting, menacing riff and a pounding beat but the guitar sound is enough on its own to make the hairs rise and the head bang and this album has more hooks than a butcher’s shop. The guitar sound is almost perfect with the right amount of clean fuzz and dirt, its also brilliantly mixed with all instruments being right in your face but without nothing over-powering each other. “The Book Of Lost Time” is short, sweet and has one of the coolest punky riffs I have ever heard and the bass lines are wickedly chunky. “Beyond The Black Waves” is the albums first trip into a extended piece, it starts off with a intro in the vein of other gems from Sheavy’s pass (Electric Sleep) and it then becomes a slithering epic doom track at first before it heading into a semi-aggressive, mid-tempo chugging groove. “Beyond The Black Waves” continues to evolve and sway in different directions, it even has a lead harmony section that could have come from Thin Lizzy or even Iron Maiden, its a colorful piece of metallic beauty.

“Eyes Of The Demon Lord” and the albums other epic track “War On Titan” are also very impressive, the former is a groove laden tune with incredible hooks and screaming solo’s, the latter is another mid-tempo cruncher till you get to halfway into the track where there is a extended mellow interlude with melodic lead work, Sheavy show they are more than just a riff machine, this is real classy and progressive metal. “Disfigurine” ends on the longest track on the album, the 9 minute “Voices From The Star Chamber” and its perhaps the most complex tune that the band has ever put together. The first 5 minutes is centered around a rotating twisting riff line with both the guitar and bass (together) seriously locked into a groove but they also delight the ears with a chunky, doomy riff or two and searing leads towards the conclusion of the tune. All in all, its a perfect way to finish this monumental piece of Sheavy history. If you are sick of the “limp wristed hybrid of stoner metal bands” that seems to be everywhere these days then you need to check out “Disfigurine” by Sheavy, this is the real deal and this is one of the best releases of 2010. Sheavy continue to amaze with their song-writing expertise and their endless array of incredible riffs and infectious hooks. This is my choice for “Stoner Metal” album of the year if that tag even applies here, this is just classic metal in my book. 10/10
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  1. Great review, cant wait to get this.

  2. This makes The Sword sound like the Beach Boys of Stoner Metal. This album is pure bad-ass.

  3. Album of the year….

  4. Great album indeed, if it weren't for the vocals. I can't get past the singer's annoying voice :(.

  5. This is an album to have and to keep.
    Ed, thanks for the advice about the purchase of this album through this online music shop (that I didn't know before):

    Amazingly, they don't charge any additional fee for shipping to elsewhere except North America. I wonder why …
    Anyway this great album still appears to be available there …

  6. Well its true to say people who don't the band usually don't like them due to the vocals, personally I love his high Ozzy whine ha ha.

  7. And no problem Mari, a lot of people don't know about Metaldisc. I have ordered through them and never had a problem, delivery is always fast and the prices are pretty good especially when it comes to shipping.


  8. . I can't get past the singer's annoying voice :(.

    What? I think his voice is great..

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