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Okay, so I’m a sucker for pop music. Sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties pop; yes, even Lady Gaga – I dig it. And Black Mountain is psychedelic pop rock at its best. Black Mountain kind of disappointed with In The Future, as I grew tired of it really quick. I remember one week after buying the CD, offering it to friends for an exchange. I rarely listen to In The Future, but their debut Black Mountain is a strong release I think. Enter Wilderness Heart. The new album is not as poppy as In The Future, and even has some heavy songs. The hooks are not as clearly present as they are on In The Future, which really came across as a sing along record after hearing it twenty times or more. Also, the vocal teamwork is better than on In The Future; more balanced and well dosed. Where the 2nd album came across as too refined maybe, Wilderness Heart doesn’t suffer from this weakness.

Black Mountain is a tad more heavier than Band Of Horses, but both bands have this same loose seventies – indie – light psychedelic aura if you catch my drift. Indeed, Black Mountain is currently signed to Jagjaguwar, so that makes ‘m hip but I don’t really care. Fact is, this is one hell of a record. Old Fangs is a great single, and be sure to check out their awesome seventies flavored Old Fangs video here:

Old Fangs Video On Youtube

Radiant Hearts: what can you say? It’s a beautiful ballad if ever there was one. Roller Coaster is one of the more weaker tracks, because it reeks of In The Future sentiments: a bleeding heart chorus and possibly annoying vocal teamwork. But, Roller Coaster has a very (very) solid riff, and on we go to Let Spirits Ride, a true hardrocker. It’s refreshing to hear a fast song like this amidst the softer ones, a formula well proven by Band Of Horses. Buried By The Blues is easy on the ears again, with great keyboards at the end. The Way To Gone is a great mid tempo song and Wilderness Heart is heavier pop with an outstanding female vocal performance. The Space Of Your Mind is a soft rocker, and closer Sadie is a relatively long fade out song that ends this record beautifully.

Wilderness Heart is set for release on September 13th & 14th (Europe/North America). Jeremy Schmidt designed the great cover art. Oh, and Wilderness Heart is approved by the great J. Mascis – he did an itunes exclusive remix of The Hair Song. What more of a recommendation could you need? 9.5/10
Black Mountain Myspace
Free Old Fangs Download

Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever


Posted September 9, 2010 by doommantia in Black Mountain

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