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I hate to start this review with a topic from another website but I feel I must because it is a very valid and a interesting point. I found this on the Blut Myspace blog where a reviewer comments on how so much has changed since Sunn O))) released the Black One album and how Drone has largely became a breeding ground for bedroom musicians who are not really musicians at all to create a Drone band purely for putting it on Myspace and pretending to be somehow talented, that is my take on it anyway. Drone is music that anyone can play if you have a computer, guitar, amp and distortion pedals at the ready but just because it can create a buzzing hum and keep it going for a hour doesn’t make it good. The majority of one-man Myspace Drone bands are simply terrible and they shouldn’t be allowed to torture us with their pathetic attempts at being musically creative. Here at Doommantia.Com, most review requests sent from these people are ignored because its not my style to rip apart a recording if I don’t have to, that is my little rant for today, thank you.

In among the endless sea of Drone acts that come my way, most like I already said, simply suck but there is some great ones out there. I reviewed a couple of them just in the last month. Another good one is the blackened droning doom sounds of Blut from the UK. The “Ritual And Ceremony” album I have already heard several times but only recently did I get the CD, sent to me from War Command (thank you) and I have got to know this monster a little better. Blut play blackened drone doom with a psychedelic edge so you get some obvious influences and some that are not so obvious. Sunn O))) and Earth, its goes without saying are obvious reference points, the blackness comes from the likes of Burzum but there is a psychedelic twist with a 70’s vibe that is pure Sabbath. The sonic attacks on the album are unleashed on just three very long songs spread over 64 minutes and its relentless heavy drone doom but with a hint of melody you don’t find too much within this genre. Out of the three tracks, none stand out as being any better than the others but “And Death Shall Flee From Them” is maybe the most intriguing of the three.

This monster of a track which seems to go for a eternity has many different elements making it more textured than the other two, the keyboard sounds they bring in are sinister and atmospheric which pushes the track above the usual dark, foreboding vibe. Its pure droning doom so its minimalism at work but they have melodic sections that sets them apart from the norm in drone. Don’t think just because you have heard SunnO))) that you know what to expect with Blut, Blut is much heavier and darker than SunnO))) ever was and much more in-line with Black Metal making this a unique album within a genre that is very much limited. This duo are very skilled musicians and have recorded a very defining moment in drone and doom and also I guess what you could call “noise-rock”. Without a doubt this is for drone/doom fans only as the minimalism and the long running times of the songs will be too much for the average Doom Metal listener. Don’t expect anything ground-breaking but do expect a crushing album that takes the listener into a very swampy existence. Its drone gone very evil and dark sounding but with some surprising melodies along the way, very good album from Blut. 8/10
Blut Myspace
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Posted September 9, 2010 by doommantia in Blut

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