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Enos  are a Brighton, UK-based  stonerish, space rocky, riff rockin metal band who take their name from the last chimpanzee the Americans sent into orbit during the space race in the 1960’s. That may seem like a unlikely concept for the name for a metal band but this free down-loadable album comes with a free comic about Enos the chimp and before all you picky metal-heads scream what is metal about that, you must keep in mind how many bands offer something extra with their album, free or otherwise. The most likely answer is basically hardly no-one, the comic book itself is very well put together but really is just a novelty as I doubt if many people will look at more than once but I think they deserve some praise for at least being different in how they present their product. Needless to say it was the music I was interested in and its really good so I can’t see myself thinking about that chimp too often, although I do feel sorry for him, imagine being blasted into outer-space like that, poor bugger!!

This album called “Chapter One” is a concept piece about this space cadet monkey and the story from what I can figured out it has something to do with  Enos the chimp meeting up with some celestial Nazis in his space traveling adventures, if I sound confused I am so enough of that, what about the music. Enos the band(not the chimp) play a Space Rock/Desert Rock hybrid kind of riffy rock which is along the lines of Kyuss, early Orange Goblin meets Pink Floyd with some meaty, 70’s inspired progressive metal thrown in for good measure. The space voyage takes off with the first track “Launch” and after the sample from what sounds like a old news broadcast declaring the space-race is on and suggesting the Russians may get there first. It soon charges like a rhino on steroids with a mid-tempo, galloping beat, spacey vocals and some crunchy riffing and then the compulsory cosmic Hawkwindish sound effects. There is some great lead work, nice tempo changes and a blistering ending to what is a great opening tune.

“In Space” is more trippy than “Launch”, more psychedelic and with more of a emphasis on a wide-opened sound, the production on this recording is really big and made for surround sound as the guitars drift and swirl around the speakers. There is a great bass groove in this tune along with a varied guitar approach that switches from electric to acoustic and back again. The vocals are also very expansive, hollering and controlling the cosmic vibe of the musical concepts, the playing itself is not too technical but the arrangements of these tracks are very detailed and well thought out. “Floating” begins with echoing drums and throbbing bass groove before (like the title suggests) it starts to float into a dreamy, melodic and psychedelic vibe with moaning, bluesy lead guitar work. This tune I feel ends before it should, like another section of music is missing or something, the great bluesy feel of the guitar lines deserved a bit longer as the melody is so strong but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

“Transform” is a upbeat, buzzing burner that is similar to early Nebula and early Monster Magnet, it has a straight, bare-boned early 70’s blues rock vibe and it kicks like a mule with viscous lead breaks and a dirty, no-bullshit attitude, great track. On the final track “Back To Earth” they take the Space-Rock element to the extreme but with the bluesy, melodic lead work driving and building the tune to a other-worldly realm. The empyrean feel of the piece is very tasty as it is epic just as much as its like a LSD induced jam, its also very well-constructed and never loses any of its dramatic value throughout its nine minutes of ingeniously crafted groove-based rock. After just 35 minutes its all over but I am still thinking of that poor chimp, anyway this is a very good album. Its not all that original but the sounds you hear seem to come from very selective sources, you hear Kyuss in there but Sky Valley era only, very early Monster Magnet, early Orange Goblin, selective parts of Hawkwind and Pink Floyd. Rather than copying any of these bands, they pick only tiny elements of each and blend it into their own style which is unique in itself. This is good stuff and its free, take a trip and download it. 9/10
Download @ Thee Big Black
Download @ Bandcamp
Enos @ Myspace


Posted September 9, 2010 by doommantia in Enos

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