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We have all heard of the musical tag known as “Post-Rock”, this strange band from San Antonio, Texas who has the wonderfully creative name of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy have gone one step further by being called Post Rock, Post Stoner, Post Doom, Post Metal and even Post Drone, what this all means is this band sounds like not much else, they almost defy description and even though the likes of Neurosis, Isis, Sunn O))), with a bit Kyuss thrown in there might be the closest reference point, it still doesn’t come close to describing their sound. I first heard the band when they released a album called “Gun”. This album was billed as 54 tracks of dense, heavy, delicious, moist poundcake but once you put this album on you discovered that 48 of these tracks were nothing more than beep tones that were all 6 seconds each. Luckily the rest of the album wasn’t all that silly and the real six tracks were actually great songs that took you on a journey.

This new album is a bleak, 30-minute instrumental split into five parts that cross over varied and unique styles. The first part is a snarling burst of atmospheric guitar parts that build to a earth-shattering rumble at times, the track seems to be building to something but never quite gets there. In the second part, the tune turns into nasty horror- laced music with a progressive rock edge, its the sort of music you can’t describe in a few words and even if you did, your impressions on it change with every spin. In Part Three the tension is lifted a little and it gets a little more mainstream while still pushing the wall of sound to a chaotic level. There is brief emotional elements within the track but its largely totally crushing. Part four turns into a plodding, slightly monotonous type of shoegaze but before any chance of boredom settling in, part five comes in with sobbing intensity. Its very mournful and sad with the drums taking a major role in the piece, when its all over, its a case of “what was that all about”? Don’t ask me, as usual The Grasshopper Lies Heavy breaks the mold of what is considered normal in this kind of genre of music.

From their Myspace: “The amorphous musical giant known as The Grasshopper Lies Heavy defy typical  categorization. The band has released seven albums in five years, all exploring varying  musical territories while maintaining a common thread: crushingly heavy wall-of-sound  music; sometimes melodic, sometimes atonal, speaker shredding, enigmatic, and  emotive. Pushing air and decibel levels into the physical realm and performing almost  always on the floor, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy demands all of the audience’s senses,  participation, experience, and presence.”

One thing is for sure, this is loud, crushing experimental music but maybe you can describe them better than me. The guitar tone alone is worth the purchase price, check it out. 8/10
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Posted September 13, 2010 by doommantia in The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

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